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Factorial HR Review

Small and medium-sized businesses with many an HR process to streamline, good for those with a remote workforce and operations in Europe, the US, or Latin America.

Factorial HR Review

Factorial is a great HR software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Their offering gives human resources teams their time back through managing employee onboarding, time tracking, PTO, org charts, payroll, talent acquisition, and much more. We also like that they place a good deal of importance on data security. With Factorial, all database information is encrypted and GDPR-compliant. They also use a Single Sign-On system and regularly perform vulnerability diagnostics.

Factorial HR Customers

The Power MBA, The Hotels Network, Nextail, Ulabox.

Factorial HR Stats

  • Used by over 60,000 companies

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Factorial HR Pricing

The Factorial HR platform starts at $40/mo for up to 10 employees. After that, it’s $4 per additional user. There is a 14-day free trial and custom enterprise pricing is available for bigger teams.