Chamilo Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

Chamilo is an open source LMS with a tight-knit international community of developers, users, and HR professionals built around it.

What's Inside

Chamilo Review

If you’d like to go the open source route, Chamilo is one of the best-rated learning management and collaboration systems out there. Like with any open source tool, It would require you to do the installation yourself and configure your own servers, which is certainly a cost that needs contemplating. Other than that, the software is free to use and there is a very active community of users that supports the project and offers guidance in the face of any issues. As to the software itself, it’s a powerful and customizable LMS.

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Key Chamilo Features

  • Course Creation: You can organize your learning content in separate courses and decide how complex to make them, whether it’s a simple text course with multiple choice quizzes or advanced courses with features like their own forum, group collaboration, and assignments.
  • Learning Types: Choose from teaching styles like asynchronous instructor-led, asynchronous self-paced or blended learning. You can also host live lessons in virtual classrooms through video conferencing. Mobile learning is also supported as long as there is an internet connection.

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What to be aware of

Chamilo Pricing

Completely free and for as many users as you like, you just have to consider the costs of setting up and maintenance, since it’s self-hosted. 

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