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Designed to help your employees with their financial goals, Gradifi comes with many compelling features such as financial wellness learning modules, interactive tools and calculators, and Gradifi student loan refinancing marketplace.

What's Inside

Gradifi Review

Gradifi enables companies to offer student loan repayment as a company perk. This is huge in an era with student debt nearing $2 Trillion in the United States alone. As part of E*TRADE, Gradifi helps companies large and small to enable their employees to pay down their student debt 25% faster. In addition to student loan repayment, Gradifi also offers financial wellness tools, resources, and college savings solutions for employees' families.

Gradifi Customers

Pricewaterhouse-Cooper, Carvana, Peloton, Mattel

Gradifi Stats

  • 800+ customers
  • 97% of employees reported being happier with their employer

Gradifi Resources

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Key Gradifi Features

  • One-stop shop for financial wellness benefits
  • Student loan repayment plans
  • College saving counseling
  • Interactive tools and calculators
  • Access to counselors

Gradifi Implementation

Gradifi Customer Success

Gradifi Key Integrations

Gradifi's solution is simple, allowing your HR team to easily integrate into your existing systems. They provide administrative onboarding and launch preparation services.

What to be aware of

Gradifi Pricing

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Gradifi Alternatives

No items found.
Employee Financial Wellness - PayactivPayactiv

Tools and education, plus EWA

Employee Financial Wellness - LearnLuxLearnLux

Financial wellness educator

Employee Financial Wellness - BrightsideBrightside

Holistic approach to financial wellness

Employee Financial Wellness -

Education assistance benefits

Employee Financial Wellness - EnrichEnrich

Highly customizable

Employee Financial Wellness - CommonBondCommonBond

Customizable student loan benefits

Employee Financial Wellness - SpringSpring

Coaching and educational materials

Employee Financial Wellness - BranchBranch

Easy employee wage payment solution

Employee Financial Wellness - GradifiGradifi

Financial wellness suite

Gradifi Alternatives

Enrich is used by companies for creating personalized financial wellness programs for their employees. With it, you can educate your employees on their benefits, increase productivity, impart financial literacy, and measure their efficacy.
Designed to help your employees with their financial goals, Gradifi comes with many compelling features such as financial wellness learning modules, interactive tools and calculators, and Gradifi student loan refinancing marketplace.
What makes Spring great is that it's packed with many useful features: customized financial education, simple budgeting tool, goal setting and tracking, progress reports and insight, financial wellness coaching, among others.
Payactiv is a holistic financial wellness platform which can help you improve your retention, engagement, and recruitment. Employees can use it to get financial educated, find discounts, and hike up their savings.
Unbiased, configurable, and holistic, LearnLux helps employees reach their financial goals. With LearnLux, employees get a financial advisor who guides them personally and helps them create a plan.
Branch empowers employees and helps businesses streamline their payroll process. Companies can pay their employees and contractors instantly, and with their built-in EWA, sometimes even ahead of the time.
A comprehensive education assistance benefits platform, is equipped with student loan management tools, student loan repayment assistance, tuition assistance, and more.
CommonBond focuses on helping employees and their family with student loan debts. It's simple and customizable – employees choose from various options for paying their student debts and can make use of education finance tools for decision making.
Brightside is an all-encompassing financial care solution. It uses the best-in-class technology but has a human-centric core; there's a dedicated team of Financial Assistants that helps employees with anything ranging from retirement replanning to paying rents.