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December 30, 2023
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Workstream Versus the Competition

Workstream’s text-based system makes it easier and faster for managers to recruit qualified candidates. You can also extend its capabilities as it connects to over 25,000 job boards.

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Ease of Use

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Key Differentiator


Custom Pricing

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  • Great support team. Workstream provides a dedicated onboarding specialist to get you started and settled with the software
  • Integrations with over 25,000 job boards
  • Prospective candidates can apply for jobs and schedule interviews via sms.


  • Integration with HRIS and payroll come as an add-on you have to pay for.
  • A few users reported experiencing performance issues when functions like search and scheduling.

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Workstream Review

Workstream is a hiring and onboarding system built specifically for blue collar workers — especially hourly workers. Bearing that in mind, we expected to see some simplicity, and simplicity we saw with Workstream. The app provides a broad range of options for candidates to apply, ranging from QR codes to two-way texting. 

The text messaging feature is perhaps the most interesting. Applicants can simply send a text to apply from their phones. The entire application process can take place via text messaging as well. Only when the hiring process gets to the onboarding stage will the candidate be required to use the mobile application to attend interviews and submit their letter of appointments.

Things are pretty easy on the manager side of things too. Managers can access every recruitment-related function of the software on both desktop and mobile, so they are always involved in the hiring process no matter where they are. To be able to access more integral functions such as analytics, the user can always refer to the web app. The cool thing about both the mobile and web app is that they synchronize; meaning any changes you make on one will always reflect in the other almost instantaneously - creating a flexible hiring ecosystem for busy managers with not-so-flexible schedules. 

The core workflow involves little steps that culminates into three processes — sourcing, screening, and onboarding. For the first part of your recruitment process, you would want to get your openings out there to as many applicants. Workstream helps you do that with a custom-made digital job board and a hiring poster you can send to your social media pages. Managers can then follow-up on any application from the mobile app. 

We really appreciate the partnerships Workstream has set up with popular job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, and Facebook jobs. This means your job postings automatically get published on these websites (about 14 of them) immediately you hit send. Moreover, you have the option to post to as many as 25,000 other online job boards and add any website of your choice to the list. The company is constantly working on new partnerships to increase their reach so we expect this number to increase over time. 

After sourcing your candidates, you will want to make sure the right ones are being funneled in and that is one of the areas in which Workstream excels. From the mobile app, employees will be mandated to answer compulsory questions depending on how you set the system. If a candidate does not give the preferred answer, they will be automatically disqualified. This little feature saves everybody a lot of time.

From what we can infer, most customers are satisfied with the platform. It has saved as much as 80% of the time some of their customers invest to hire the best candidates for their businesses. For others, the software has done well to keep their outlets fully staffed even during the covid pandemic.

Who shouldn't buy Workstream

Workstream will not be a good choice for companies looking to recruit professional, desk, managerial, or administrative workers.

Workstream Customers

McDonalds, IHOP, Taco Bell, Subway, Popeyes, 7 Eleven, Dunkin’, Chick-fil-A

Workstream: Wide range of integration options
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Workstream Key Features

  • Digital job boards: Workstream gives you the chance to upload your job openings on a customizable digital job board. The link to this job board can be connected to your careers page or shared on any website or social media of your preference. Once an applicant clicks on the link, they will be taken to a landing page that describes all the job openings available. The system uses geofencing technology so the jobs closest to the applicants will be shown first. From the landing page, the applicant can select any job they are qualified for and the website will take them to another page where they can begin their application process. 
  • Custom text-to-apply feature: Besides the digital job board option, another way you can to get candidates to apply is by using their automatically generated hiring poster. This printable poster will contain your brand logo, a QR code and a number prospective applicants can text to apply. You can always place this hiring poster in your drive-throughs, check outs or just about anywhere as a more conventional way to create awareness for your job openings.
  • Customizable hiring process: After the sourcing process comes the screening process. Workstream makes it possible for you to add any number of stages from the application form submission stage to the hiring and onboarding stage. The software will typically give you a default process that includes a quiz stage, interview stage, and a stage to collect additional information on the applicant. On top of that, you can add as many stages. You can also add, remove, or modify the required information fields in each stage. 
  • Electronic document storage: All the paperwork you collect from the onboarding process, like i-9s and W-4s, can be stored on the system for reference. The good thing about this is, you don’t even have to actively collect and sort the document; the system does this for you automatically.  
  • Analytics: Workstream provides a simple analytics tool that tracks your hiring process. It is a great way to improve your procedure for positive candidate experience.   
  • Referral program: This feature uses the oldest marketing method in the book — word of mouth. You can use your current employees to spread the word about job opening with the referral program. Once you upload a spreadsheet (.csv file) of your current employees’ phone number and email, the software will send a bulk message with a link they can share to their friends and family members. This link will contain the landing page that starts the application process.

Workstream Key Integrations

Workstream integrates with a staggering 25,000+ online job boards as well as other tools to help with background checks, like Chekr, and Zapier for connection to 5,000 other applications.

Workstream Pricing

Workstream offers two flexible plans with the option to pay for additional features. The actual cost of the plans are not listed, you will have to contact their sales team to see what works for you. The two plans are:

  • Workstream Basic: This plan includes basic recruiting features such as text to apply, QR code generator, branded careers page, and so on. 
  • Workstream Plus: This plan offers everything in the Basic plan plus additional onboarding features such as  W-4, I-9 and Form 8850 collection, onboarding training and quizzes, eSignature, and new hire offer letter template.

Workstream is Best For

Workstream is best for businesses that have high volume recruiting needs for roles such in retail and restaurants.

How has Workstream Changed Over Time?

Workstream Implementation

Workstream Customer Success

Workstream assigns a client onboarding specialist to get your account all set up. If you need to reach them for additional support, you can do so via a phone number and email provided on their website. They have also provided blogs and eBooks you can reference to learn more about the software and general hiring practices. They sometimes host webinars to educate Workstream users about the latest hiring trends.

About Workstream

Desmond Lim founded Workstream after graduating from MIT. Before that, he used to own a restaurant back in Singapore which he opened to support his college ambitions. During his time in the restaurant industry he discovered a problem — he was always short-staffed and frequently in need of new hires. Juggling that with his busy schedule of keeping the business running was even more of a drag. 

In 2018, he partnered with two other co-founders, Lei Xu and Max Wang to build Workstream. His aim? To solve the problem he experienced while running his restaurant in Singapore. Which he has successfully done with Workstream. They have managed to raise $58 million in two rounds of funding. They currently serve more than 10,000 top brands including IHOP, Subway, McDonalds, and Taco Bell.

Company HQ

San Francisco, California, US.

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

$58 million


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