A Look At Quickbook's Time and Attendance Software

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

QuickBooks Time Review

Formally known as TSheets, QuickBooks Time is a time and attendance solution. It allows users to ducky review and employee time, process payroll, or recreate invoices in an accessible way. QuickBooks Time keeps a timesheet for each employee and allows them to clock in via a mobile device, or manually add time within the platform. QuickBooks Time is great for companies that are looking for accessibility, and those that are looking for additional time tracking features such as time-tracking and geofencing.

QuickBooks Time Customers

QuickBooks Time Stats

  • Over a million users across 70,000+ companies use QuickBooks Time.
  • Customers that use QuickBooks Time can save an average of 5% on payroll costs.

QuickBooks Time Resources

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Key QuickBooks Time Features

  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Shift scheduling 
  • Team management
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts and approvals
  • Project tracking
  • Analytics
  • Downloadable reports 
  • Mobile access

QuickBooks Time Implementation

QuickBooks Time Customer Success

QuickBooks Time has a support portal with numerous resources for customers to self-serve. Customers in need of assistance can also contact the QuickBooks Time support team via phone or live chat.

QuickBooks Time Key Integrations

QuickBooks Time integrates with other solutions within the QuickBooks’ family, as well as several 3rd party solutions including ADP, Workday, Namely, Square, and Expensify.

What to be aware of

QuickBooks Time Pricing

  • Premium: The Premium plan packs all the necessary features for you to easily track time & attendance for your workforce, no matter where they work. This plan costs $20 a month for one admin user, + $8 per additional user per month.
  • Elite: The Premium plan packs everything in the Premium plan plus additional features for project management and collaboration. This plan costs $40 a month for one admin user, + $10 per additional user per month.

QuickBooks Time Alternatives

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