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Workstream is a great choice for companies recruiting for high volume roles, especially for retailers and restaurants. Their tech includes cool features like text-to-apply posters, apply via SMS, and interesting analytics.

What's Inside

Workstream Review

Workstream helps businesses recruit for high volume roles such as retail and restaurants through a text-based interface that automates the process of sourcing, screening, scheduling, and onboarding new employees. Their easy-to-use platform means you can recruit the people you need faster, and spend less time posting to job boards, collecting applications, interviewing candidates, and managing paperwork.

Workstream Customers

Jamba Juice, Marriot, Uber, McDonald's

Workstream Stats

  • Over 1 million applicants screened
  • 2,500 integrated job boards
  • Used by over 5,000 hiring managers

Workstream Resources

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Key Workstream Features

  • Text recruiting tools
  • Hiring specialist guidance
  • Careers page
  • Employee referral program
  • Text-to-apply posters with QR codes
  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • 25,000+ job board integrations
  • Ad spend analytics
  • Screening questions
  • Customizable workflows and interview stages
  • Automated scheduling

Workstream Implementation

Workstream Customer Success

All pricing plans come with 24/7 customer support via phone and chat. In addition, you'll have hiring specialists helping you out.

Workstream Key Integrations

Workstream can post to over 2,500 job boards. If you pay for the Integration pricing plan, you also have access to integrate with ADP WorkforceNow.

What to be aware of

Workstream Pricing

Workstream provides 3 flexible plans, and only make you pay for the features you need. The plans are:

  • Hiring: Unlimited admin accounts, basic hiring specialist guidance, basic hiring, texting, screening, scheduling and interviewing tools.
  • Onboarding: Adds prioritized hiring specialist guidance and onboarding modules.
  • Integrations: Adds dedicated hiring specialist guidance, background check automation, and expert support.

Specific details must be worked out with Workstream.

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Workstream Alternatives

No items found.
Recruiting Automation Software - ParadoxParadox

High-volume recruiting automation

Recruiting Automation Software - vsourcevsource

Expert sourcers

Recruiting Automation Software - IntersellerInterseller

Simple sourcing solution

Recruiting Automation Software - FetcherFetcher

Source, email, and track

Recruiting Automation Software - GemGem

CRM with sourcing automation

Recruiting Automation Software - LoxoLoxo

AI recruitment leader

Recruiting Automation Software - XORXOR

All-in-one AI platform

Recruiting Automation Software - SeekoutSeekout

Lots of search capability

Recruiting Automation Software - WorkstreamWorkstream

High volume recruiting solution

Workstream Alternatives

Paradox are the creators of a conversational artificial intelligence agent called Olivia capable of automating all kinds of recruiting tasks.
With an incredibly wide-reaching search function, Seekout can streamline and accelerate your hiring efforts, even for hard-to-find, industry-specific talent.
XOR has virtual career fair capabilities on top of its recruiting automation features. The latter include AI chatbots which can handle inbound and outbound candidates. You can also screen talent using customizable questions and let the tool score and sort applicants on autopilot.
Intersteller focuses on email marketing for supercharged recruitment. You can synchronize all your candidates and source emails from their databases, then set up automated drips for prospects.
Fetcher uses simple methodology to get big results.
Favored by recruiters at companies like Activision and Cisco, vsource makes it easy to get qualified, interested, and relevant talent in your pipeline.
Loxo provides the world's largest talent graph, with 530+ million people in their proprietary directory.
Gem is a hub for candidate management with detailed analytics and sourcing automation. Their free Chrome sourcing tool provides a single source of truth for every candidate relationship.
Workstream is a great choice for companies recruiting for high volume roles, especially for retailers and restaurants. Their tech includes cool features like text-to-apply posters, apply via SMS, and interesting analytics.