A Look At Calendly's Free Recruiting Software

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 19, 2021

We love Calendly because it is the simplest online scheduler out there, and it's totally free for one calendar / user.

What's Inside

Calendly Review

Scheduling software is useful to any recruiting team. Calendly is one of the best out there and happens to be free. The basic plan allows a single user to connect their Calendly schedule to any of the big name calendars, while providing automated notifications, website integration, video chat integration and a personalized link.

If the basic plan is limiting to you, the Premium and Pro plans are still inexpensive. It’s probable that your hiring team will eventually want an ATS or other service to have automated scheduling, but Calendly remains an effective free solution in the meantime.

Calendly Customers

LinkedIn, Trustpilot, Zendesk

Calendly Stats

  • Users have seen up to 30% increase in customer retention
  • Users have had 10x more customers complete onboarding

Calendly Resources

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Key Calendly Features

  • Unlimited events
  • Personalized link
  • Automated event notifications
  • Help center

Calendly Implementation

Calendly Customer Success

Calendly has email support and a help center.

Calendly Key Integrations

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting

What to be aware of

Calendly Pricing

Calendly is totally free for a single calendar per user. It costs $8 per user per month for 2 calendars and $12 per user per month for 6 calendars. The premium pricing plans offer more functionality as well.

Calendly Alternatives

No items found.
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