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Truckbase Versus the Competition

Truckbase is a fully-fledged trucking dispatch software product made specifically for long-haul carriers. While payroll is handled via integrations, the platform offers dispatching, invoicing, settlements, truck tracking, and more.

If you're ready to get a Truckbase demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


Ease of Use

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  • AI-powered load importer eliminates data entry.
  • Seamless ELD integrations for truck tracking.
  • User-friendly interface requires minimal training.
  • Customized, hands-on onboarding.
  • Exceptional customer service and support.


  • No built-in accounting and payroll module. There is a driver pay and settlements module, but it’s mostly to feed data into a seconday payroll tool or manual process.
  • Not suitable for fleets with fewer than 10 trucks.
  • Not a good fit for service shippers or pure brokers since they focus on carriers.
  • Limited mobile phone access.
  • No free trial is offered, only a money-back guarantee.

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Truckbase Review

Truckbase is a comprehensive trucking dispatch software designed specifically for over-the-road (OTR) carriers. While not able to handle payroll natively (you have to set up an integration), the platform excels in providing a unified suite of services, including dispatching, invoicing, settlements, truck tracking, and EDI integrations. They're the only dedicated trucking software company that we know of that’s doing so much to leverage AI, so that’s why we include them on this page despite the payroll drawback.

To give you an example, a standout feature of Truckbase is its AI-powered load importer, which significantly reduces manual data entry, a common pain point for many trucking companies. Additionally, the platform’s real-time ELD integrations offer live truck tracking, enhancing visibility and reducing the need for check calls. This is particularly useful for companies managing medium to large fleets where real-time data is crucial for operational efficiency.

One of Truckbase's most significant strengths is its ease of use. Unlike competing solutions that often require extensive training, Truckbase’s intuitive design allows users to become proficient quickly. This user-friendly approach is complemented by its highly praised customer support, which offers customized and hands-on onboarding to ensure a smooth transition and continuous support.

Again, Truckbase has its limitations. Its major drawback, at least for the context of this page, is that it cannot handle payroll within the platform. You have to set up an integration with another provider, but the platform is crucial in ensuring the right amounts and extra compensation owed to drivers based on mileage, stops, or rates.

Who shouldn't buy Truckbase

Truckbase Customers

Truckbase is currently used at companies like Herlache Truck Lines, Package Runner, Z Brothers, Nica's Freight, among many others.

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Truckbase Key Features

Truckbase Key Integrations

Truckbase Pricing

Pricing for Truckbase is not publicly disclosed and is usually quoted based on individual company needs. Prospective users are encouraged to book a demo to review the options and get a tailored pricing quote.

Truckbase is Best For

Truckbase is best suited for medium to large OTR carrier companies with over 10 trucks looking for an all-in-one dispatch and operations management solution that offers AI features and seamless integrations. As expressed before, it’s also only suitable if you’re willing to use it in tandem with a payroll tool of your choice, which we hear is an excellent combo for large trucking companies.

How has Truckbase Changed Over Time?

Since we first encountered Truckbase, they recently refined the AI model to read new rate cons. They also launched truck-level P&L reporting for seamless revenue and cost tracking with the tool. Further, the platform integrates with over 30 ELDs for live tracking and automated updates, eliminating check calls.

Truckbase Implementation

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