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December 30, 2023
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ScheduleBase Versus the Competition

ScheduleBase stands out because of its simplicity and ease of use. It’s a basic employee scheduler, not loaded with features like some competitors but offers the core employee scheduling functionality that allows employers to quickly create, manage and communicate employee schedules on the go.

Scheduling platform in ScheduleBase

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Ease of Use

Best For

Key Differentiator


Free Trial


  • ScheduleBase is an easy-to-use tool that takes users straight to employee scheduling without overwhelming them with features.
  • It can be easily accessed from its website and mobile applications (iPhone and Android).
  • It offers a generous free trial of 30 days during which you can test all its features.
  • Automatically sends email and SMS alerts to employees when the employer modifies their schedules.


  • ScheduleBase comes with very limited features and is only suitable for companies looking for basic employee software.
  • It does not offer any third-party software integrations, which means you can’t connect it with your payroll or HR solutions.
  • It has an outdated user interface that isn’t visually appealing and lacks the drag & drop functionalities that most modern employee scheduling tools offer these days.

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ScheduleBase Review

ScheduleBase is an entry-level employee scheduling tool designed to help businesses create and manage their teams’ schedules to reduce miscommunication and ensure work continuity.

ScheduleBase is a web and mobile-based application with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use options. It displays your team’s schedule in a spreadsheet where you can edit or assign shifts, add team members, and view your weekly or monthly schedules.

When you assign a shift to an employee or make changes to their schedule, they get email and SMS notifications to ensure they’re in the loop. Alternatively, you can message an employee directly from your ScheduleBase dashboard to discuss their availability or willingness to work a shift before finalizing their schedule in the tool.

Every employee added to your ScheduleBase account gets a dedicated login and user interface where they can view their personal schedule, request time-offs, communicate with their managers and set their messaging preferences.

This means no more miscommunication over employee scheduling. Your team doesn’t need to call in sick, leave written notes, or request last-minute schedule changes that hurt your business continuity.

ScheduleBase’s main strengths are its simplicity and flexibility. You can use it for any business or employee type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.) and access it anywhere using a web browser or mobile application. 

Getting started with ScheduleBase is also pretty straightforward.

We signed up for the tool, created our account, and developed our first schedule in a matter of minutes. You only need to enter your name, email, and business information to create a free ScheduleBase account. After that, you’re taken straight to your account dashboard, where you can create schedules, add team members, create groups, and use several other options.

Since ScheduleBase is an online employee scheduling software, you and your employees can access it anywhere using a computer or a mobile device. However, you will need an active internet connection to do so.

To sum up, ScheduleBase doesn’t have an eye-catching user interface or a wide range of features like some of its competitors. Still, it’s an affordable solution with all the necessary employee scheduling features.

Who shouldn't buy ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase is designed for small-medium-sized companies looking for a basic employee scheduling solution. It does a decent job for its target market. However, it is not an ideal fit for companies looking for an employee scheduling tool that integrates with their existing HR, time-tracking, or payroll tools. Also, it is not designed for teams that require instant messaging or group chat capabilities to stay in touch all the time.

ScheduleBase Customers

Subway, Orange Leaf, GoRun Wichita, Holiday Inn Express, Bell Bank, Randy’s Hardware

ScheduleBase: An entry-level employee scheduling tool
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ScheduleBase Key Features

  • Employee scheduler: ScheduleBase has a spreadsheet-style employee scheduler that displays your employee names, schedules, and availability. As a manager, you can view your team’s weekly or monthly schedules, make changes, add tasks to specific days, or assign shifts.
  • Schedule Alerts & Notifications: Employees get email and SMS alerts as soon as the manager makes changes to their shifts, assigns a new task, or edits their schedule. 
  • Group Scheduling: ScheduleBase allows managers to group employees within a schedule based on their positions, job type, team, departments, or any other common factor. An employee can appear in one group within a schedule. But if you want to feature an employee in multiple groups, you can create a separate schedule for each group.
  • Employee Schedule Preferences: ScheduleBase gives employees a dedicated interface to request schedule changes, share their weekly availability, and set notification preferences. Your team can use this interface to request time-off or shift changes.
  • Messaging: ScheduleBase gives employees and managers separate messaging interfaces using which they can communicate. Managers can also communicate with employee groups. This allows them to discuss scheduling changes before finalizing them.

ScheduleBase Key Integrations

ScheduleBase does not integrate with any third-party software.

ScheduleBase Pricing

ScheduleBase has a straightforward pricing structure based on the number of users associated with a company account. You can start as low as $10/month for up to 20 users. If you’re unsure about getting a paid plan, ScheduleBase offers a full-featured one-month free trial to help you decide if the platform is right for your business.

Here are the different pricing ScheduleBase pricing slabs based on the number of users.

Total PeopleTotal Cost Per Month

ScheduleBase is Best For

ScheduleBase is a flexible employee scheduling tool that works perfectly for various business types and industries. However, due to its limited features, it is best for businesses with small-medium-sized teams that work in shifts. This could include restaurants, call centers, retailers, construction companies with teams in multiple sites, etc.

How has ScheduleBase Changed Over Time?

ScheduleBase Implementation

Getting started with ScheduleBase is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to the signup page of ScheduleBase

Step 2: Create a free business account by entering your email address, first name, company name, and contact details.

Step 3: Log into your ScheduleBase account.

Step 4: Invite your employees from the People tab and enter their names, email addresses, and contact numbers.

Sign Up As An Employee

Step 1: Open the ScheduleBase invitation email from your employer.

Step 2: Activate your account by clicking the activation link

Step 3: Access your ScheduleBase account, where you can view your schedule and configure your personal details and preferences.

ScheduleBase Customer Success

  • Email and telephone support are available for all premium employees
  • Its Help section contains step-by-step tutorials for using different features.

About ScheduleBase

ScheduleBase is a product of Atlas Business Solutions (ABS), a renowned tech company specializing in developing employee scheduling, appointment management, time tracking, and other HR-related tools. Founded in 1991, ABS was named one of Software Magazine's Top 500 Companies every year from 2003 till 2010.

The ABS team launched ScheduleBase in 2011, seeing the visible gap in the employee scheduling software market. It was one of the first fully web-based employee scheduling tools that allowed employers to eliminate manual work and efficiently manage their employee schedules anywhere. 

ABS launched ScheduleBase in line with its vision to create helpful HR tech that enables organizations of all sizes to take the hassle out of employee management. 

ScheduleBase remained the market leader in the employee scheduling space for some years and still has hundreds of customers looking for entry-level employee scheduling features at an affordable rate. However, the product hasn’t evolved and has fallen behind some of the more advanced employee scheduling solutions in the market. However, it’s still an affordable entry-level tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Fargo, North Dakota

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ScheduleBase Alternatives

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