A Look At Seekout's Recruiting Automation Software

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 5, 2021

Seekout has an incredibly wide-reaching search function.

What's Inside

Seekout Review

Seekout helps organizations search for talent the way they want, leveraging the latest in AI and open web data to give — in the words of one customer — “more search capability than LinkedIn.”

Whether you use PowerFilters, build customized Boolean searches, or use the AI Robot, Seekout can search over 500 million detailed and up-to-date candidate profiles, sorting them based on education, experience, skills, and more. Plus, with their free Chrome extension, you can bring the power of Seekout wherever you search for talent to source, organize, enrich, and export candidate profiles.

Seekout Customers

23andMe, Activision, Twitter

Seekout Stats

  • Founded in 2016

Seekout Resources

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Key Seekout Features

  • Access to hundreds of millions of candidates in talent pools
  • AI-powered talent search engine
  • Visual talent analytics
  • Email automation
  • Diversity sourcing tools
  • Free Chrome extension

Seekout Implementation

Seekout Customer Success

Seekout posts a monthly product update on their blog for customers to see what's new and improved.

Seekout Key Integrations

What to be aware of

Seekout Pricing

Seekout has a few different pricing options:

  • Premium: Access to 441M+ candidates, diversity sourcing and hiring tools, people insights, contact info for 500 candidates per month and exporting of 5,000 profiles per month.
  • Premium Tech: All of Premium, plus specific tools for sourcing tech talent. These include Coder Score rankings, GitHub search tool, direct access to candidate's code, and tailored insights.
  • SeekOut Expert: Designed specifically for Engineering and Life Sciences hiring.

You must contact a Seekout sales rep for more information. Seekout also provides a free Chrome extension for sourcing.

Seekout Alternatives

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