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Phil Strazzulla
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May 16, 2022
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Prelude Versus the competition

Prelude helps recruiting teams with complex interview scheduling needs automate and streamline the hiring process. Their modern and intuitive platform saves time for recruiters and interviewers while improving the candidate experience.


Prelude Review

In-house recruiting teams often spend half of their resources on the logistics and admin work that surrounds candidate interviews. They spend too much time on scheduling, conference room management, and emailing people internally about the best time to meet a candidate. This deceptively complex problem is what Prelude was made to solve. 

Prelude lets you take parts of your candidate interview scheduling process and automate it based on people's profiles, rules about calendars, time zones, and other parameters. For example, if a candidate reaches the point when it's time to have a panel interview, the system can know who's on the panel based on that particular hiring workflow, read each person's time zone and individual preferences, and propose appointments based on them. Once a moment is chosen, the invite is automatically sent to everybody involved, containing a conference call link and right to their Google Calendar or Outlook.

Who shouldn't buy Prelude

Prelude Customers

Prelude is used to schedule candidate interviews with no hassle at companies like Adjen, Cloudflare, Nerdwallet, Duolingo, Klaviyo, and One Medical, among many others.

Prelude Stats

  • On average, clients see a 75% reduction in time spent scheduling interviews manually. 
  • At NerdWallet, they were instrumental in taking the interview schedule success rate from 80% to 98%.

Prelude Key Features

  • Interviewer profiles: Even for companies where thousands of employees need to do interviews, Prelude can structure when and how they happen based on their rules and profiles. 
  • Interviewer training: Prelude also lets you create training plans for new interviewers, where they can shadow and learn from experienced recruiters. This is fully integrated into the scheduling process. It also helps prevent burnout, which can happen if there are only a few interviewers handling far too many interviews.   

Prelude also lets you: 

  • Customize and brand each candidate touchpoint 
  • Get insights from their reporting and analytics dashboards
  • Use templates for interview types

Prelude Key Integrations

Part of what makes Prelude such an effective tool is that it integrates seamlessly with a variety of software products: 

  • Calendars: Google Workspace, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook Exchange
  • ATS: iCims, Workday, Lever, Greenhouse
  • Video: Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, BlueJeans
  • Assessments: HackerRank, CodeSignal, Coderpad
  • SSO: Okta

Prelude Pricing

Prelude has several SaaS style plans to price their product. Subscription tiers depend on the number of users and how many you'd need for each type of access. To get an exact quote, the best way forward is to reach out and schedule a demo.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Prelude Implementation

A typical Prelude implementation takes 2 to 4 weeks. It varies according to the systems the recruiting team is currently using and that need to integrate, as well as the number of people that need training.

Prelude Customer Success

Both during and after the implementation phase, Prelude's team provides training and ongoing support. Those in their Enterprise plan get a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

About Prelude

Prelude Alternatives

VidCruiter helps you automate interview scheduling and sync meetings seamlessly across all calendars. Share real-time availability and let candidates choose their time slot with no manual work required.
Paradox's AI assistant, Olivia, automates interview scheduling, reminders, cancellations and more. Just connect your calendar and Olivia will take it from there.
HireVue can help you automate the scheduling and rescheduling of your interviews with candidates – all within the calendar software your company uses.
10to8 is a versatile scheduling solution. It is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant, which means you can schedule all sorts of appointments through it, including doctor’s appointments.
Calendly is arguably the simplest online scheduling solution out there. It is also totally free or charge for one calendar per user.
GoodTime is a specialized interview scheduling platform. It automatically syncs up your availability with the right candidates and allows them to self-schedule their interviews.
Clara is a virtual assistant that automates meeting scheduling. Simply CC Clara on emails that contain meeting requests and it will automatically add those meetings to your calendar, notify participants, reschedule when necessary, and more.
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