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Lattice Review

Lattice is great for mid-sized to enterprise level corporations, but its three different price plans will appeal to any customer.

Lattice Review

Lattice’s people analytics software empowers managers and HR to get a holistic view of what’s going on in their organization and make more data-driven decisions. Lattice has an expansive product that covers employee engagement, 1:1s, goal setting and recognition. Its easy-to-use user interface is majorly important to customers.

Lattice Customers

  • Reddit
  • Slack
  • Asana

Lattice Stats

  • 2,000+ customers
  • 1.67 million pieces of feedback shared

Lattice Resources

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Key Lattice Features

Context-based peer and manager feedback

  • Goal and OKR setting
  • 1-1 meeting scheduling
  • Recognition tools
  • HRIS and HCM integrations

Lattice Implementation:

Lattice offers Lattice University as part of all their pricing plans. The program provides detailed video lesson plans, segmented into different company roles, to shorten the implementation timeline.

Lattice Customer Success

Lattice Key Integrations

Lattice integrates with Slack, Google Apps, and Outlook. It also integrates with most major HRIS's and HCM software.

What to be aware of

Lattice Pricing

Lattice offers three pricing plans as well as add-on features.


  • Base plan
  • $9/user/month
  • Basic performance management features, such as reviews, analytics, goals management, feedback, 1:1 meetings, integrations, and a mobile app

Performance & Engagement

  • $12/user/month
  • Combines performance management features with employee engagement features


  • Custom pricing
  • All-encompassing solution

The add-on feature pack, called Grow, cost an additional $3 per user per month and adds growth plans, career tracking, and competencies to your feature list.

Lattice Alternatives


Customizable review cycles.


Growth-minded performance management.


Dedicated team of talent advisors.


Used by Fortune 500 companies.


Ideal for small and mid-sized companies.


Simple, user-friendly interface.

Small Improvements

Great for small businesses.