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April 20, 2023
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Metaview Versus the Competition

Metaview’s software centers around improving the quality of your interviews. They aid in this pursuit through metrics, training programs, and cross-interview analysis. Their transcription and recording services are top-notch, and the training module is among the best we’ve seen.

If you're ready to get a Metaview demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


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Free Trial


  • Perform software engineer interviews live and see what the candidate is coding in real-time, and refer back to it in the transcript. 
  • Get consistency metrics for each interview based on how they compare to other interviews in the same category. 
  • Run training internally so your best interviews become learning materials for future interviewers. 
  • Free plan for organizations with fewer than five interviewers


  • Currently, Metaview only works with interviews conducted in English. 
  • As with most interview intelligence software, Metaview’s interview scheduling works best when you already use an ATS. For companies without an ATS, Metaview integrates with Google and Microsoft calendars as well as Calendly (or users can manually add Metaview to their interviews).
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Metaview Review

Metaview’s offer centers around providing visibility into your interview process so you can become aware of what might be holding you back, and then fix it. Of course, the expected outcome is better hires and an impeccable interview experience for both sides of the equation. 

The tool lets you record video and phone interviews and provides a transcription of the conversation. This frees up interviewers from taking notes and lets them focus on having a productive conversation that they know they’ll be able to explore later.

The recording is done through their myriad of integrations with online video call and ATS tools (see our integrations section for a list). Once the integration is done, Metaview will automatically join and record the interviews, so there’s no need to download any additional software or add Metaview to each new calendar invite. We actually saw this live during a demo we did with Metaview in 2022. 

Metaview's interview presentation mode

Within the platform, each interview shows as a transcript, a playable video, and a bird’s eye view of the structure of the interview. This is like a mini-map of the interview where you can see who’s speaking based on the changing color, and click to go to any point of the interview you wish to explore. 

Metaview’s AI also identifies the interview assessment questions, enabling the user to quickly and easily navigate to the most relevant parts of the interview. Additionally, you can switch between “Read Mode” and “Watch Mode”, to see the video interview or focus on text instead. For engineering interviews, Metaview integrates with code assessment tools including CoderPad and HackerRank, replaying any code written during the interview to the viewer. During the demo, we found this quite comprehensive and easy to navigate.  

As you perform your interviews with Metaview, they’ll appear on the main dashboard and be accessible at any time and to the members of your team you choose. The data gathered from these is accessible both within each interview and in the broader metrics panel. 

Within the interview, you get data on how the interview you’re looking at compares with other interviews of the same type you’ve done before, or carried out by other interviewers in your company. For example, the metric “Total Questions Asked” also lets you know how your question count compares to all other similar interviews run by interviewers across your company. The same goes for Candidate Talk Time, and Interview Duration, to name just a few. 

This kind of approach to metrics is one of the key differentiators we noticed when trying out Metaview. Another notable aspect of it is that the tool will show automated suggestions for the interviewer. For example, a prompt with two questions that could be asked next time, along with links to past interviews where those questions were asked. This feedback goes both ways, since the interviewer can mark whether they found the suggestions useful or not, and the Metaview algorithm will learn from that. 

An interview transcript generated in Metaview

Additionally, one of the challenges they decided to tackle is interviewer training. Without a tool like Metaview, companies often rely on having trainees shadow an interviewer, but you never actually know how good the interview is going to be since this depends largely on the candidate, right?

Having the recordings of all previous interviews done with Metaview, you can select the ones you consider best and have trainees analyze those interviews instead, in their own time. This also allows them to replay certain parts they found interesting or find examples of specific questions and topics in other interviews.

As a final note, the process to get candidate consent is also done smoothly through Metaview. Metaview won’t join a call (and thus the call can’t be recorded and transcribed) unless the other party has given permission beforehand.

Who shouldn't buy Metaview

Most companies that use Metaview are already using an ATS and want to improve the quality of their interviews. Companies that aren’t using an ATS yet can still use Metaview by integrating their Google or Microsoft calendars, or by simply inviting Metaview to their scheduled interviews, but this would be a manual process.

Naturally, companies that don’t do most of their interviews through online video or phone calls would not benefit fully from Metaview’s offering, as their interview analysis does not extend yet to live conversations.

Metaview Customers

Pleo, Brex, Pure Storage, Robinhood, Anduril

Metaview: Robust analytics for better interviews
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Metaview Key Features

  • Interview playbacks: Record and transcribe interviews, so hiring leaders can make decisions grounded in evidence, not hunches, notes, or fuzzy memories.
  • Coding Interviews: For programmer interviews, candidates can perform a coding challenge live and their code will be recorded along with the interview’s transcript and video, ready for later review. 
  • Interviewer coaching: New interviewers can get ongoing automated feedback, such as tips for improving the way they ask questions, or how they go about a sensitive topic like salary expectations. 
  • Interviewer Training / Shadow Paths: Within the training module, you can create shadow paths to ensure new interviewers go through some of the best internal examples out there of how to conduct interviews at your company. Essentially, this helps automate interviewer onboarding, while improving the quality of interviews, and hence of each hire.

Metaview Key Integrations

Metaview’s integration list is also among the best in the Interview Intelligence space. For the video recording part, their platform works with Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom. For scheduling, they integrate with Calendly and both Google and Microsoft calendar tools. Metaview also integrates with the top ATSs including Greenhouse, Workable, Lever, SmartRecruiters, and many more. Their idea is that companies already running lots of video interviews should be able to benefit from Metaview without changing their existing operational practices. Hence, they are frequently adding new integrations.

Metaview Pricing

Metaview’s pricing is linked to the size of the organization (calculated on the number of interviewers). Metaview offers a free plan for organizations with fewer than five interviewers.

Metaview is Best For

As per their client list, Metaview works with companies of all sizes, from less than 20 employees to over 5,000.

How has Metaview Changed Over Time?

Since their foundation, Metaview have focused on launching more metrics that their users can benefit from. They have also upgraded their playback experience, making it easier for interviewers to navigate transcripts and recordings.

Metaview Implementation

Implementing Metaview is quite a straightforward process that typically takes no longer than a week. Their process includes integration with your ATS and training for all interviewers. Metaview does not charge implementation fees. With an ATS like Greenhouse, the integration can take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Metaview Customer Success

Organizations using Metaview have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, accessible through Slack, email, and calls.

About Metaview

Metaview was founded in 2018 by Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh, current CEO and CTO, respectively. Before they started Metaview, the two of them worked in product and engineering teams at Uber and Palantir, both during each company’s hyper-growth phase.

While working at those places, they eventually came to the same realization: one of the biggest challenges they faced (even as engineers, mind you, not recruiters) was building exceptional teams. Like good engineers, they got to work on a product that could help high-performing teams run the best possible interviews, so they can hire the best possible candidates.

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