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Rippling Review

Rippling is built to work for businesses with 1 employee as much as companies with thousands of them. Their focus is on automation and ease of use while always keeping a modern feel to everything.

Rippling Review

Rippling is another new player in the HR tools market, with a focus on helping SMBs manage HR and IT in one solution. An interesting thing about them is that they try to make their software easy-to-use and intuitive not just for HR professionals and recruiters, but for the CEO, IT staff, and any team member that will interact with the product. The tech is exactly what you’d expect from a silicon valley-based startup, with a great UI and eye-catching design. Notably, they also have over 500 integrations with everything from Slack to Github.

Rippling Customers

Proxy, Dwell, Superhuman, Expensify, Checkr

Rippling Stats

  • Named a “Next $1B Startup” by Forbes in early 2020
  • Became an actual $1B startup just months after that mention, getting valued at $1.35 billion in August 2020
  • Over 1,000 reviews on the main business software sites, all averaging 4.9 stars

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Key Rippling Features

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Rippling Pricing

Starts at $8 per month per user, will vary depending on which modules you’d like to use (or if you want the whole platform) and for how many people.