An Expert Review of Lattice's HR Analytics Solution - 2021

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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, Jan 06, 2022
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Trusted by companies including the likes of Reddit and Asana, Lattice helps you understand your company culture like never before. You can measure the employee engagement and their performance, visualize management practices, and build an inclusive workforce.

What's Inside

Lattice Review

Lattice is first and foremost a next generation performance management tool that enables individual employees to see how their efforts are impacting the organization as a whole.

While we don’t typically think about performance management and analytics necessarily, Lattice actually provides some pretty interesting insights into the org.  Specifically, you can see what teams are working on, how their initiatives align with the broader organization. You can also take a look at where people do/don’t feel engaged, where managers need extra help, and lots of other insights that you’d look for in a people analytics tool.

Lattice Customers

Lattice is trusted by brands such as Reddit, Slack, Samsara, Cruise, and Asana.

Lattice Stats

  • Used by 2,000+ organizations
  • Favored by 3,670+ people leaders
  • 1.67M sets of feedback processed
  • Over 10,000 resources for their community members

Lattice Resources

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Key Lattice Features

  • Measure employee engagement: With Lattice, you can send anonymous surveys to everyone in the organization. Responses can then be visualized with filterable heatmaps.
  • Employee performance: This is visualized through a 9-box scatterplot graph which helps identify high and low performers.
  • AI-powered insights: Open-ended comments are processed by algorithms in order to provide a sentiment analysis of the workforce.

Lattice Implementation

With Lattice, implementation timelines will vary depending on the amount of tools you're looking to set up and your user count. That being said, they try to shorten the roll-out phase with their many training resources available.

Lattice Customer Success

As a Lattice customer, you'd get in-app chat support and access to their multiple resources. These include a help center, a resource library, how-to documents, status page, webinars, how-to videos, and books.

Accounts with Premium Support (all accounts above $10,000) have dedicated account management, phone and email support, implementation consultations, and private training sessions.

Lattice Key Integrations

Lattice can integrate with most of the top HRIS and HCM software products, such as BambooHR, Namely, Zenefits, and ADP. They also integrate with tools like Slack, Google Apps, and Outlook. Lastly, Lattice also has an open API and SSO authentication.

What to be aware of

On all plans, Lattice has a starting annual agreement that’s set at $4000.

Lattice Pricing

Lattice has three plans: Performance, which starts at $9 per user per month (billed annually), Performance & Engagement which is set at $12 per user per month when billed annually, and Enterprise. The latter is calculated based on company size and requirements.

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Lattice Alternatives

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Org chart software with people analytics

HR Analytics - One ModelOne Model

Robust and highly customizable tool

HR Analytics - NakisaNakisa

Leader in enterprise business solutions

HR Analytics - splashBIsplashBI

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HR Analytics - TableauTableau

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HR Analytics - Visier PeopleVisier People

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HR Analytics - OrgVueOrgVue

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HR Analytics - LatticeLattice

A fully-fledged people management platform

Lattice Alternatives

Consider ChartHop your single source of employee data for making better decisions. With ChartHop, you can visualize your company data on many parameters such as department, gender, time zone. And the best thing is that it can be fully integrated with your HRIS.
Trusted by companies including the likes of Reddit and Asana, Lattice helps you understand your company culture like never before. You can measure the employee engagement and their performance, visualize management practices, and build an inclusive workforce.
Apart from producing insights for a range of parameters, OrgVue also helps you combine your people data with your other business data so that you can formulate business strategies for future scenarios.
SplashBI's people analytics tool helps you understand data from four key areas: human capital management, talent management, talent acquisition, and diversity and inclusion. It also comes with a guide for people analytics, webinars, and best practices resources.
Tableau deploys the best-in-class technology to provide detailed data solutions. Some of its capacities include building business dashboards, maps, survey analysis, and time series analysis.
Nakisa's Hanelly allows you to automate and unify HR processes. With engaging graphs, charts, and dashboards with dynamic filtering, HR leaders can use the power of data to understand their organization.
Sisense allows you to analyze your people data on various dimensions. From helping you unearth the causes of employee attrition to letting you find who to hire, Sisense does it all in a transparent and seamless manner.
Powered by AI, Visier deconstructs your people data and makes it simple to understand. It boasts an expert-driven analytics, specialized data management, and pre-built analytics.
HRForecast combines AI with managed services to provide business intelligence and insights around recruiting and people operations.
Crunchr is a highly intuitive, powerful, and secure People Analytics Platform, with one integrated experience for HR dashboarding, analytics, and planning.
One Model are the makers of a People Analytics solution that’s a data extractor, integrator, warehouse, visualization, and predictive model building engine. As their name suggests, one solution that can take care of all your People Analytics needs.