A Look At CodeSignal's Candidate Assessments

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

CodeSignal is a candidate assessment tool for engineers and developers. As a platform, it also features remote interviews and certified assessments.

What's Inside

CodeSignal Review

CodeSignal’s team wants us to go beyond the resume when we vet engineers - which is definitely a great idea given all the signal we can get from understanding the skills and aptitude a given applicant has.

CodeSignal Customers

CodeSignal is used to hire engineers at companies like Uber, Zoom, Robinhood, Asana, Gusto, Brex, Quora, and Reddit.

CodeSignal Stats

  • At Outreach, implementing code signal meant freeing up 40-60% of their engineers' time.
  • 70+ languages and tools supported

CodeSignal Resources

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Key CodeSignal Features

  • Advanced coding environment: CodeSignal has a Monaco-powered environment that's similar to Visual Studio Code, making their assessments feel more like the day-to-day work the job requires.
  • Keystroke playback: This feature lets you replay every keystroke made by a given candidate during a test or interview. This can be shared with the entire hiring team if need be.
  • Plagiarism checker: This tool also uses plagiarism algorithms to make sure all submissions from candidates are 100% their work.

CodeSignal Implementation

This vendor would set you up with a professional content team that will help out creating tests that are customized for your job reqs and needs. Implementation with them typically involves a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will be with your from roll-out planning and help out with user training.

CodeSignal Customer Success

CodeSignal has a help center and many resources in place to help you out with technical skills assessments. They have a comprehensive resource library, a recruiting podcasts, a knowledge base, and they also publish tips & trends in tech recruiting.

CodeSignal Key Integrations

CodeSignal integrates with some of the top ATSs in the market. Some of these are Greenhouse, Lever, SmartRecruiter, and iCIMS. They also have APIs, Webhooks, a Zapier integration, and SSO via SAML.

What to be aware of

CodeSignal operates with robust security and privacy practices. They are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

CodeSignal Pricing

CodeSignal doesn't disclose prices upfront. They prefer to start by understanding your recruiting process and the type of challenges you're facing. Based on that, they can provide you with a custom package after a scheduled call.

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