About SelectSoftware Reviews

Our goal at SSR is to save your first 10 hours of research when you’re buying HR Software. We do this through unbiased, expert research that relies heavily on the expertise of forward thinking People people.

We’ll give you the advice you need to make the right decision in the short term, and keep you up to date on the various trends in HR and talent acquisition tools as they evolve.

In addition to the best vendors in each space, we’ll tell you how to manage internal stakeholders, build an ROI model, and avoid common pitfalls other HR leaders have run into.

How We Got Started

Hi - My name is Phil and I’m a software geek. I’ve been a software engineer, software investor, and software entrepreneur.

I started SSR because it’s getting harder to find and implement the right software. Crowd review sites can be useful, but it doesn’t take long to uncover their bias.

My hope is that our content will help you buy the right tools, and stay up to date on this changing landscape.

Good luck and thanks for checking out SSR!

Select Software FAQs

What’s unique about SSR?

Our reviews are expert based, and then editorialized into bite sized information that is easy to understand. We believe this is much more useful than hundreds of anonymous reviews you have to wade through, many of which are positively biased.

Additionally, we’re an employee owned company. That means we aren’t beholden to shareholders who will push us to compromise our integrity to drive short term revenues.

What is SSR’s research process?

Our goal is to save you the first 10 hours of research when buying new HR and Talent Acquisition software.

In order to get all the information you need, we start by asking experts and practitioners about their favorite solutions, common pitfalls when buying a given type of software, what questions to ask vendors, and generally speaking what advice people need to know. We also ask the vendors themselves for advice they have for buyers and how their product stacks up.

We spend the time doing this research so that you don’t have to. We’re software nerds and think our analysis is going to be as good as anyone else’s.

We then synthesize this data into easily digestible market landscapes, ROI calculators, videos, and more.

What criteria do you use to feature a vendor?

We have several factors that go into the featuring of vendors: recommendations from HR practitioners, product demos, financial health of the business, retention of current customers, transparency, employee growth and satisfaction, as well as our gut :)

We look to feature the “best” vendors in a given category. This typically means listing at least 3, and as many as a dozen vendors. We realize in many cases that one vendor will be the best fit for a given company, and another for another company. It’s our goal to showcase the vendors worth taking a look at when considering new software. But, at the end of the day it’s up to each individual company to understand which solution will be the best fit for them.

Why is SSR Free?

We’re able to offer our content and advice for free to users because vendors pay us for advertising opportunities. A small subset of the vendors featured on our site have some sort of commercial relationship with us through sponsoring of webinars, events, PPC campaigns, or other forms of advertising. If you want an easy way to support our research, please click through to our vendors and get a demo of their software.

Does this mean your content is biased?

No. Out of the hundreds of vendors in a given industry, we only select the very best to highlight on our site, and we do this before we know which ones are willing to partner commercially with us. We would never allow vendors on our site that we do not recommend. Beyond the moral implications, this would betray our readership, and lead to a decline in our business.

What is SSR based?

We are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Select Software Reviews vs Crowd Review Sites

There are many review sites out there that allow users to anonymously review software. This information can be incredibly valuable when you’re making a purchasing decision. However, there are a few things we don’t love about these sites and why we prefer our approach:

  • Many of the anonymous review sites cookie you and then sell your data to software vendors. Ever get a call from a sales person asking “hey - are you in the market for xyz software?” a few days after you’ve been researching it online…yeah.

  • On most of these sites, the first reviewers for a given product are given gift cards for their “insights.” This leads to reviews that are more positive than normal. Research shows that if there are positive reviews, new reviews are MUCH more likely to be positive as that is the norm that has been set. So, these pages are much more positively biased than reality (look up a product you know to be a piece of junk on one of these sites, and see if you agree with the reviews).

  • Most review sites are are either venture backed, or publicly traded. This means they need to go to great lengths to make lots of money, or else get fired by their board. These great lengths are many times not in the best interest of you, the software buyer. We don’t have to do this as a privately owned, non-venture backed company.

SelectSoftware In The Press

SelectSoftware has been mentioned in many different HR publications including Undercover Recruiter, RecruitingDaily, HR.com, RecruitingBlogs, Workology, Recruiter.com, HR-Gazette and many more. If you’re interested in citing our research, please send us a note and we’d be happy to collaborate or help out in any way that we can.


The information provided on our site is meant to assist in the vendor selection process, but should not replace your own decision making process, merely augment it. You should do your own diligence on vendors before making any purchasing or partnership decision.