What is Select Software Reviews?

Hi - My name is Phil and I’m a software geek. I’ve been a software engineer, software investor, and software entrepreneur.

My 2018 New Year’s resolution was to create a new video each week sharing information I’d learned about the world of HR - something I called “Whiteboard Wednesdays.” These videos have been viewed >500,000 times. As a result, people ask me for advice - and most of the time the question is “what software should I buy?”

There are a lot of vendors out there, with more launched each day. I’m on a mission to help you understand which is right for you, how to buy it, and any other advice I think is relevant for a given category. Whether you’re looking for a new ATS, or sprucing up your Employer Branding, my goal is to make SSR your most helpful resource.

Thanks for checking out the site. Please let me know what you think, or connect with me on LinkedIn.



Phil Strazzulla

Founder, Select Software Reviews


Select Software Reviews vs Crowd Review Sites

There are many review sites out there that allow users to anonymously review software. This information can be incredibly valuable when you’re making a purchasing decision. However, there are a few things we don’t love about these sites and why we prefer our approach:

  • Many of the anonymous review sites cookie you and then sell your data to software vendors. Ever get a call from a sales person asking “hey - are you in the market for xyz software?” a few days after you’ve been researching it online…yeah.

  • On most of these sites, the first reviewers for a given product are given gift cards for their “insights.” This leads to reviews that are more positive than normal. Research shows that if there are positive reviews, new reviews are MUCH more likely to be positive as that is the norm that has been set. So, these pages are much more positively biased than reality (look up a product you know to be a piece of junk on one of these sites, and see if you agree with the reviews).

  • Most review sites are are either venture backed, or publicly traded. This means they need to go to great lengths to make lots of money, or else get fired by their board. These great lengths are many times not in the best interest of you, the software buyer. We don’t have to do this as a privately owned, non-venture backed company.

Why Trust SSR

We believe that by providing the least biased and most helpful advice, we will win the trust of software buyers, and thus grow our readership.

Our software landscapes are based on interviews with hundreds of industry practitioners. Any vendor that is featured on our site is there because we think they deserve a look during your buying process. While we make advertising dollars from vendors, >90% of the vendors on our site have no commercial relationship with us.

Above all else, our mission is to help people by the right software faster and more effectively than ever before.


You should do your own diligence on vendors before making any purchasing or partnership decision. The information provided on our site is meant to assist in the vendor selection process, but should not replace your own decision making process, merely augment it.