Whiteboard Wednesdays with Phil Strazzulla

I started Whiteboard Wednesdays a few years ago.  I found myself learning a lot of pro tips from really smart People/HR/TA people, and wanted to share them in a consumable way.  Most weeks I post a new 2-4 min video about something I think is valuable to know if you’re in this profession.

There’s no agenda behind these videos, I just love to teach and want to push our discipline forward.  The best way to stay on top of new videos is to connect with me on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter below.

Please enjoy, and feel free to reach out with any questions or topics you’d like to have covered in a future video - many of these are inspired by questions asked from our network of amazing People leaders.

Video Interview Software Best Practices

This is a special video for all the hr and recruiting teams trying to figure out their video interview software strategy during COVID-19.

The Business Case for Recruiting

How should c-level executives view the important work that recruiting teams do?

Virtuous Cycles in HR

How can HR capture the powerful effects of virtuous circles to drive the organization further?

Diamonds In The Rough Software Engineers

How can tech assessment platforms help with recruiting diamond in the rough software engineers?

How Chatbots Help With Recruiting

How can HR Chatbots help with recruiting?

How HRTech Sales Teams Work

How do HR vendors’ sales teams work, and what does this mean for how we interact with them when buying and negotiating?

The HRTech Roadshow

How do we get buy in from the rest of the organization to run with the People initiatives we are passionate about?

Cost Per Applicant Benchmarking Data

What is a good cost per applicant?  How does this change based on industry, role, geography?