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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
April 9, 2021

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BambooHR is one of the top names in HR software. Although they accommodate a lot of big companies, they are quite flexible and can definitely work for small businesses.

What's Inside

BambooHR Review

BambooHR tries to offer a plan that will fit your business. Their HR platform spans across the employee lifecycle as they also have recruiting and performance management in addition to the core HRMS functionality. They offer a separate HRIS which is available as a small business package. They also boast and numerous amenities like an app marketplace of HR/recruiting vendors that integrate with their system, an HR glossary, and hosting HR events on occasion.

BambooHR Customers, Jane, University of Maryland, Grammarly, Stance, Postmates

BambooHR Stats

  • Over 1.8M active employees as of March 2021
  • 45,000+ new hires onboarded per month
  • 20,000+ active client organizations

BambooHR Resources

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Key BambooHR Features

  • People Data & Analytics: BambooHR strives to be the single and secure database where all your employee information is stored and managed. They couple that with powerful, intuitive reporting tools and a strong focus on security.
  • Mobile Hiring App: One of their most-talked-about perks, their hiring app gives recruiters the ease to perform most applicant tracking tasks with the comfort and extreme convenience with which you’d order some dinner.

BambooHR Implementation

To get started with BambooHR, sign up for the free trial and then get in touch with their team to see which plan is for you.

BambooHR Customer Success

Most of BambooHRs Customer Success resources are on the self-service side. They have a help center and a CS webinars library, but they do have customer support during business hours.

BambooHR Key Integrations

BambooHR has an API that can connect to a myriad of products. They also have a marketplace with a few hundred vendor integrations.

What to be aware of

BambooHR Pricing

Pricing is not disclosed upfront, but they do offer a free trial of their all-in-one software and then go out of their way to find a version that will suit you. Before they come up with a personalized quote that will align with your budget, however, they are also likely to extend your free trial upon request or even give you a free demo of the advanced features.

BambooHR Alternatives

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Great user experience


Low-cost, trusted vendor


Great user experience


For 50~ employees


Great for recruiting


Flexible & scalable pricing


Pay for what you use


HRIS for culture and engagement

Factorial HR

International vendor, good security


Custom-pricing for your HR needs