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Remofirst Versus the Competition

Remofirst is an all-in-one EOR platform that lets you hire remote employees virtually anywhere. They stand out for their affordability and their customer support since each client gets a dedicated account manager available 24/7.

If you're ready to get a Remofirst demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!



Ease of Use

Best For

Key Differentiator


Starts at $199/user/mo

Free Trial



  • Employers are able to pay Remofirst in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and SGD.
  • In turn, Remofirst pays each global employee in their local currency.
  • Over 150 countries serviced
  • Since it’s a young product, the UI looks quite modern, sleek, and generally easy on the eye.


  • As a younger company than others in the industry, Remofirst are still rolling out new integrations and features from their roadmap every month. Hence, these are somewhat limited for now.

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Remofirst Review

Remofirst is both a software platform and an employer of record provider. They provide compliance for global teams in need of hiring employees and contractors in places where they don’t have legal entities of their own, while striving to keep it affordable to all kinds of companies.

As a relatively new player in the EOR services space, the last 2 years have seen many changes for their product; which launched in 2021. Updates include a recently-renovated UI, same-day onboarding, and better customer support; since it’s now offered 24/7 for every client.

At a recent demo, we got to see the main workflows for both employees and managers. The way it works is fairly straightforward and self-service for an EOR platform.

Managers get a view of their entire team within the platform, along with details for each employee like title, location, and salary. Of course, all this info is gated based on access to the platform.

To set up a new employee, they can choose their country from a list of 150+ by selecting from a drop-down menu. Then, they indicate which kind of work permit they’re in, and input their job title, department, job description, and start and end dates (unless they’re on a permanent contract).

Then, when setting up compensation, the tool calculates the total monthly cost of employment considering salary, estimated taxes and contributions, and the Remofirst fees, providing a total monthly cost of employment.

Within the same workflow, managers can also choose to provide equipment that Remofirst will ship to global employees around the world. The same goes for private health and dental insurance. Remofirst is able to offer statutory insurance pretty much anywhere in the world with an added fee for additional benefits.

Once all this is set up, the employee gets an email invitation to set themselves up within the platform and complete their profile.

When it comes to payment, employers get an overview of their total payroll cost and a breakdown per country. Going further, they can also look at payroll per employee, although each client of Remofirst receives one invoice per month which covers all their employees within the platform.

A feature we found convenient is that this payment can be automated. Also, finding the invoices literally takes only a few clicks. In case of needing changes made to the invoice, those can be requested via chat and are made sometimes in a matter of hours. Clients can also create separate categories of additional pay and provide a description, as is the case with bonuses, for example.

Finally, although the tech is super straightforward and easy to navigate, Remofirst’s services are very much worth noting. For example, one thing that stood out for us is that they can help with visa applications for employees that need it, and they’re quite transparent about the process. Their local entity acts as the visa sponsor, so their local team submits the info required from the candidate. They do the collection, upload the documents, and submit the application. Of course, the final decision depends on the local jurisdiction, but they can help navigate every step of the way.

Who shouldn't buy Remofirst

Since the product is quite young and native integrations haven’t been worked in yet, companies that need to integrate with a specific platform would have to pass or keep an eye on Remofirst for a bit. We’d recommend reaching out to see where they’re at with each particular product.

Remofirst Customers

Microsoft, Mastercard, ZocDoc, QED, Labster, ZocDoc, Byrd

Remofirst: Top-notch customer support
visit Remofirst

Remofirst Key Features

  • Equipment provisioning: You can choose to send work equipment like laptops, monitors, etc. for international hires. Remofirst will handle all the logistics and this can be included in the cost per hire, or billed separately, at your convenience.
  • PTO & calendars: The platform is able to handle time-off requests and process PTO based on each employee’s local laws, public holidays, etc.
  • Self-service onboarding: A very recent feature, this allows employees to create their profile, sign documents, review their benefits and salary, accept equipment, and access the knowledge base.

While those are some stand-out features, Remofirst can also handle:

  • Employer of Record service
  • International payroll and invoice management
  • Global benefits management
  • Visa requests support
  • Electronic signatures

Remofirst Key Integrations

Currently, integrations with other tech are on the roadmap for 2022.

Remofirst Pricing

Remofirst’s pricing is very much worth considering. For EOR services, it starts at $199/employee/month. For contractors, it’s $19/month.

They don’t exactly offer a free trial, but since there is no monthly fee for hiring global contractors with Remofirst, you could hire that way and try the platform before you commit to the EOR way.

Remofirst is Best For

Remofirst would be a good bet for any company that wants to hire remote workers globally while remaining compliant, whether it’s contractors, full-time, or a mixed bag. Remofirst is used by both big companies and small companies, as well as bootstrapped startups. Their clients are mostly 100-to-200 full-time employee companies within the tech sector. That being said, you can use the platform to hire only contractors or one employee, and it can grow with you from there.

How has Remofirst Changed Over Time?

Remofirst Implementation

Should you sign with Remofirst, they’ll first connect you and your global employees to the local team in each country. So, if you are hiring in 3 countries, the employees in each country will work with a local team that speaks their language and include experts on the local laws.

Remofirst Customer Success

Remofirst is one of the few EOR services + software platform companies to offer dedicated customer support to each client, big and small, on a 24/7 basis.

About Remofirst

Remofirst was started by tech-focused serial entrepreneurs Nurasyl Serik and Volodymyr Fedoriv in January 2021. Since then, they’ve been on a mission to make hiring globally easier and cheaper for all sorts of companies; from 1-man startups to SMBs or even some departments within Fortune 500s.

As a younger company, they are rolling out new features almost every month, which makes them flexible and prone to take in feedback from their clients. In fact, they themselves are users of the tool, which is always a good sign. While their headquarters are in San Francisco, they’ve got a big development team in Eastern Europe and people in pretty much every continent.

They recently raised $14.1M from US angel investors. The current leadership team includes early team members from Globalization Partners and other EOR providers.

Company HQ

San Francisco, California

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

Raised $14.1M in seed capital during 2022


Is Remofirst an EOR or PEO?

Remofirst operates as an EOR since they don’t require you to open an entity in the country where you’ll be hiring. Through the company they use in every country, they become legally responsible for employing a worker and all that entails.

How often can Remofirst pay my employees?

You can choose to run payroll through Remofirst on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Remofirst Alternatives

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