A Look At Eightfold's Recruiting Software

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

We love Eightfold because of its powerful talent intelligence capabilities. With features to automatically source, screen and sort millions of candidate profiles, the platform effectively maximizes your recruiting efficiency.

What's Inside

eightfold Review

In a nutshell, Eightfold is applicant tracking software that strives to provide its users with the power of artificial intelligence in order to better manage large pools of talent-related information. Eightfold doesn’t stop with recruiting, but it can also work to centralize data from another ATS, HRMS, or simple spreadsheets, in order to help HR professionals derive insights from it all. 

As a multi-dimensional talent acquisition platform, Eightfold can automatically source, screen, and sort millions of profiles. They claim to be able to cut the time that it takes to find the right fits by 90%, providing hiring managers with a steady and near-instantaneous pipeline of qualified candidates for each job posting. 

eightfold Customers

Capital One, Hulu, AirAsia

eightfold Stats

  • Customers have seen up to 50% more efficient recruiting
  • Customers have noticed up to 19% improved diversity

eightfold Resources

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Key eightfold Features

  • Interview scheduling
  • CRM
  • Instant pipelines
  • Self-service career planning and mobility
  • Personalized career site
  • Chatbot
  • Personalized talent experience

eightfold Implementation

eightfold Customer Success

eightfold Key Integrations

Eightfold integrates with some of the best ATS and HRIS tools out there, including:

  • Greenhouse
  • iCIMS
  • Lever
  • Workday
  • Ultimate Software

What to be aware of

eightfold Pricing

eightfold Alternatives

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