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Ultimate Software Review

UKG states that UltiPro is mainly marketed towards companies with more than 100 employees. That being said, their software is used in all kinds of industries.

Ultimate Software Review

Although Ultimate Software became UKG, its main HR software product is still branded as UltiPro. Focused on core HR management, UltiPro is still simply one of the most well known and used HCM suites out there. Their solution has been tested throughout the years and built out to the point where they have modules for just about everything you could imagine: payroll, benefits management, onboarding, time-tracking, and countless other HR functions.

Ultimate Software Customers

Tesla, Marriott, Yamaha, Aramark, Puma.

Ultimate Software Stats

  • 96% customer retention rate
  • Average $3.88 return on each dollar invested

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Ultimate Software Pricing

UKG does not reveal the price of UltiPro on its website, although research has shown that licenses tend to start at $600.00 per year for every 5 users.