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BambooHR Review

Companies looking for a very customizable product and pricing that reflects their needs. It’s also popular among teams that are partially or even fully remote.

BambooHR Review

BambooHR tries to accommodate one or another version of their technology to fit your business. Their HR platform spans across the employee lifecycle as they also have recruiting and performance management in addition to the core HRMS functionality. They also offer a separate HRIS and a small business package. If that wasn’t enough, they have numerous amenities like an app marketplace of HR/recruiting vendors that integrate with their system, an HR glossary, and host HR events on occasion.

BambooHR Customers

Quora, Universal Group, Reddit, Asana.

BambooHR Stats

  • 30,000 onboards per month
  • Over 18,000 active client organizations
  • 1.7 million employees active on their system as of October 2020

BambooHR Resources

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BambooHR Pricing

Pricing is not disclosed upfront, but they do offer a free trial of their all-in-one software and then go out of their way to find a version that will suit you. Before they come up with a personalized quote that will align with your budget, however, they are also likely to extend your free trial upon request or even give you a free demo of the advanced features.