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Kudos Review

Clients with teams that span 250 to thousands of users in practically any country and industry. Great for those that want complete communication and feedback tools in their recognition software.

Kudos Review

Kudos’s platform is specifically designed to engage employees through peer to peer recognition, that can also lead to employee rewards.  Recognition sent within Kudos is tied to company values and qualities, reinforcing your culture and enabling deep data insights into the health of your workplace culture.  In addition to software, they offer consulting services.

Kudos Customers

ATCO, Bulgari, Arch Insurance, KidsPeace

Kudos Stats

Used in over 23 industries in 80 countries

Kudos Resources

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Key Kudos Features

  • Awards, badges, & certificates
  • Years of service and birthday tracker 
  • Video recognition
  • Feedback loops
  • Manager reports
  • Social Hub

Kudos Implementation:

Kudos can be either set up in your own existing infrastructure or used as a standalone product. Their various plans will fit all sorts of businesses and implementation plans will vary accordingly.

Kudos Customer Success

  • Customer Support is done solely through an online form, at first. 
  • ISO 27001 Certified Infrastructure

Kudos Key Integrations

  • Chat & Collaboration: Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Skype, and Slack
  • SSO: ADP, Azure AD, Okta, LinkedIn, and many more
  • User Provisioning: BambooHR, Workday, Paylocity, & more
  • Browser Extensions: Brave, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • For everything else, they have the Kudos API and you can even request new integrations through their chatbot.

What to be aware of

The folks at Kudos are very serious, nearly obsessed even, about all things privacy and security. They want their users to never feel anything less than 100% confident that their information is safe & sound.

Kudos Pricing

Custom pricing is available upon request. They also offer a free trial.

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