A Look At ClearCompany's Employee Onboarding

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

ClearCompany is a vendor with many types of HR software. Their onboarding tool stands out for having a very complete feature set with tools like background checks and introductions to teammates.

What's Inside

ClearCompany Review

ClearCompany's solution can provide a paperless onboarding experience for new hires. Their mobile friendly experience helps take care of compliance issues (I9, W-4, etc) all the way through directions to the office and new team member introductions.

ClearCompany Customers

Jamestown Community College, Supreme Court of the State of Arizona, Jackson Hospital, Vigor Industrial, Goodwill 9.

ClearCompany Stats

  • Over 640,000 users
  • 96% employee approval rating
  • Millions of applications processed

ClearCompany Resources

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Key ClearCompany Features

  • Device & Equipment Management: Provision the pieces of equipment of any device that new hires need to do their jobs.
  • Payroll data transfer: Thanks to their industry-leading payroll partnerships, ClearScope can seamlessly transfer new hire data from other systems.

ClearCompany Implementation

ClearCompany offers a customized project plan for each client, depending on the module you want to launch and when you want to have it all ready. A remote implementation manager will have weekly team check-in meetings with your team and guide you through each step. Typically, the steps are scope & set up, build & learn, test & refine, and planning for rollout & launch.

ClearCompany Customer Success

ClearCompany Key Integrations

ClearCompany has native integrations with tools like ADP, Paychex, Indeed, and UKG.

What to be aware of

ClearCompany Pricing

Choose from buying a single module, several, or the whole platform. That being said, ClearCompany's prices aren't provided upfront.

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