A Look At EightFold's Career Fairs

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 17, 2021

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EightFold's virtual career fair fits well into their AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform, providing recruiters with more options to find and engage talent.

What's Inside

eightfold Review

EightFold allows companies to quickly setup virtual recruiting events.  These events can include kick off presentations from the CEO, 1:1 interactions with candidates, and of course the ability to schedule top candidates directly into interviews.

eightfold Customers

Capital One, Hulu, Air Asia, BayerBooking.com

eightfold Stats

  • Customers have seen up to 50% more efficient recruiting
  • Customers have noticed up to 19% improved diversity

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Key eightfold Features

  • Career event hosting
  • Resume parsing
  • AI filtering tools
  • Talent Networks

eightfold Implementation

eightfold Customer Success

eightfold Key Integrations

Eightfold integrates with such popular ATS's as:

  • Greenhouse
  • iCIMS
  • Lever
  • Workday
  • UKG

What to be aware of

Eightfold doesn't offer a standalone virtual career fair platform, it comes in a package of greater features.

eightfold Pricing

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