A Look At HireVue's AI Recruiting

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 11, 2021

HireVue is one of the pioneers of the video interview software space. They entered the AI & Recruitment Automation game after acquiring AllyO in the fall of 2020.

What's Inside

HireVue Review

HireVue uses artificial intelligence across their HR chatbot suite. Their solutions help recruiting teams to source, screen, and schedule candidates which results in time and cost savings. Notably, they also offer end-to-end assistance. This means that they've got support set up for the job seeker and the employee alike.

HireVue Customers

Intel, Honeywell, Randstad, Boston Red Sox, Unilever, and more.

HireVue Stats

Back when HireVue's chat-based solution was still AllyO, they helped a 15,000-employee company achieve:

  • 30% reduction in time-to-find
  • 25% reduction in time-to-fill
  • Average of 26 hours per person per week saved through automation.

HireVue Resources

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Key HireVue Features

  • Multiple Interfaces: Engage with candidates 24/7 through text, web, and WhatsApp.
  • Interview Scheduling: Their chatbots can automatically schedule and reschedule interviews, while sending reminders and notifications to all those involved.
  • Automated FAQs: HireVue's chatbots are also equipped to handle frequently asked questions from candidates.

HireVue Implementation

For consultation and implementation services, HireVue has partnered with companies like Talenta, Talent Collective, Deloitte, and Top Talent Solutions.

HireVue Customer Success

HireVue tries to build a long-term relationship with each customer. They leverage experts to help you transform your hiring processes, as well as resources like 24/7 customer support, IO services, and enterprise-grade security.

HireVue Key Integrations

HireVue has partnered with several companies in order to integrate with their products. Some of these companies are Microsoft, Workday, Avature, IBM, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and Cornerstone.

What to be aware of

The HireVue platform also offers Video Interviewing and Assessments.

HireVue Pricing

Although certain sources talk about HireVue's pricing on a "per video interview" basis, the reality is that they now offer custom enterprise pricing exclusively.

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