Top Hiring And Recruitment Trends For 2023

The year “Pay Transparency” becomes a bigger deal

Though some may see fewer applicants, those in the hiring pipeline should be less likely to drop out due to compensation concerns. Higher pass-through rates could be expected as they seek to lower time-to-hire. Candidate experience and employer brand can also benefit from this trend.

Recruitment Marketing is likely to see some upheaval

Jobs portal Indeed moves back to a pay-per-application model rather than cost-per-click to compete with Google’s updated job search functionality. This shift has already begun with smaller employers and is expected to be completely rolled out in 2023.

Layoffs may continue to be a big theme in 2023

Layoffs may stay as economic uncertainty challenges business performance. Recruiting teams may find themselves sourcing more from current employees to find candidates for a new role, supported by Recruiting CRM that quickly maps internal talent to highlight skill gaps.

Reliance on People Data

Analytical tools will be increasingly used as HR functions learn from over-hiring in the last few years. Organizations with long-term, data-driven recruiting plans aligned with their headcount strategy should outperform their peers as proactive recruiters fill critical roles faster with less overhead.

The return of the five-day, in-person work week

More companies implement Return to Office (RTO) plans. The effect this will have on the retention of current workers and the available talent pool of qualified candidates willing to take in-office positions remains to be seen.

Contingent Workforce uptake

With layoffs overwhelmingly affecting recruiting teams, more will look for contingent workers in 2023. Software that supports freelance management systems (FMS) can be used more widely.