HR Tech Stack: PeopleOps at Redwood County Government Center

Peter Brown HR Director

The Redwood County Government Center is where the governing of Redwood County, Minnesota takes place.

We recently spoke to Peter Brown, the Human Resources Director of this Government Center to learn about the HR Tech stack he uses day-to-day. In terms of human capital, Redwood County houses the board of commissioners, the County Administrator

Redwood County’s Core HR Software - HRIS and Payroll Software

Paycom is an online payroll and human resource technology vendor based in Oklahoma City. According to Peter, Redwood County uses it for just about every HR function. “We use [Paycom] for benefits administration. We use it for talent acquisition. Payroll, timekeeping — we use it for everything.”

The tool also houses all their people information like demographics, benefits, and hiring data. Peter agreed this single source of truth is far more user-friendly and efficient compared to various tools with singular functions. “That’s where we used to be,” he noted. “I didn’t like it. None of them worked well together.”

Why did you choose Paycom?

“In the end, it basically came down to ADP and Paycom. ADP was quite a bit more expensive. So I told them that and they brought their rates down, but they also took away some functions I wanted, which didn’t make it a fair comparison.”

What's the main benefit you find in using this tool?

“The simplicity of using it. It’s very user-friendly. It does everything. The nice thing is, if you make a change somewhere in the system, like updating an employee’s address, it pulls that change through to any other place where that address is located on the system.”

Do you have any other tool in your HR Tech stack that integrates with Paycom?

“No, we don’t. Our highway department uses a cost accounting system that they want to integrate with Paycom, but we’re not at that point yet.”

How would you rate this tool out of 5?

(1 = hate it, 3 = it gets the job done,  5 = I recommend it all the time) “Can I give you two answers? If I was in the private sector, I’d give it a five. The public sector where we are, I’d probably give it a four. There are some things that need to be better, but it’s not horrible.“

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