How to Write a PERFECT Job Posting

First impressions matter. Job postings allow your best candidates to learn about your organization and your open positions.

What Makes a Job Ad Perfect?

List an accurate and specific job title.

Include a bullet list of skills and education requirements, and preferences.

Describe the organization using sentences.

Be clear about the company’s vision and mission.

Review your job title and ad for verbiage that may show bias.

Use gender-neutral pronouns.

Ensure that colleagues who interact with this position (or who currently play this role) have an opportunity to review the job ad for accuracy.

Outline the process for applying.

Market the benefits and perks of working for your organization.

Specify paid time off including birthday leave, parental leave, and floating holidays.

List the pay range, especially if you are legally required.

Post your ad on a top job board.

Format the ad with spacing, bullets, and punctuation or optimize its readability.

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