How Much Should an ATS Really Cost?

Total costs can range anywhere from FREE to upwards of $100,000, based on your company's size and specific needs.

How much does an applicant tracking system generally cost?

Variations in ATS pricing make comparison shopping challenging, yet these most used pricing models can work to your advantage.

Top 4 common ATS pricing models

- You pay either per your job opening or per received applicant.  - Great option for businesses that hire on a fairly regular basis. - Estimated cost range: $100-500/active job. Additional fees may apply.


- You're charged based on the number of employees you have, regardless of your hiring frequency.  - Beneficial option for SMBs or businesses with large hiring teams.  - Estimated cost range: $4-7/employee. Additional fees may apply.


- You're charged based on the user number accessing the ATS. The cost may differ per/user's functionality or access.  - Ideal option for firms with established hiring teams.  - Estimated cost range: $60-100/user. Additional fees may apply.


- It's either a monthly subscription or a one-time license purchase.  - Best for SMBs that know exactly the ATS is right for them to kill the guesswork.  - Estimated cost range: $350/month. Additional fees may apply.

Flat fee

Fees for implementation, training services, support, features, etc. may or may not be included in the vendor pricing. So make sure you ask the vendors about them before opting for an ATS.

Addtional fees

All the prices you initially quoted from a vendor are negotiable, especially if you want to sign a multi-year contract.

Pro tips

Number of employees    Estimated annual cost 0-100                                $2,500  100-250                            $10,000  250-500                            $15,000  500-1,000                         $22,500  1,000-5,000                      $50,000  >5,000                              $125,000+

ATS pricing data

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