Tried-and-tested Employee Recognition Ideas for 2023

1. Create dedicated channels for shout-outs

Recognition can be a shout-out on a company Slack, HRIS, on a “wall of fame” bulletin board, or in an internal recognition newsletter.

2. Take to your social media

When you post top performers, their friends, family, and colleagues will most likely engage and share the post, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Additionally, potential hires will note these posts and be assured that recognition and a positive culture are part of your company values.

3. Hold regular thank-you huddles

A quick huddle when a major project is completed, a big client is landed, or for any other win goes a long way in employee culture.

Use this opportunity to praise and recognize individual employees and teams so the focus remains on their win.

4. Introduce a rotating trophy

A rotating trophy for noteworthy achievements and progress sets the tone for some mild internal competition and engagement.

‍At the end of their time with the trophy, have a short two-minute ceremony where it is passed on to the next deserving employee.

Let the previous winner announce and congratulate the new winner to create a forward-flowing stream of recognition among team members.

5. Company outings

You can poll or survey employees on where they would like to go. For remote employees, there are virtual venues you can create to increase engagement and team building.

Whether it is a museum visit, mini-golfing, painting, or a virtual movie, some time off duty to enjoy themselves for a job well done is sure to be appreciated.

6. Start meetings with recognition

Empower managers to start team meetings by acknowledging the people responsible. This provides a positive start and creates a culture of public recognition. ‍

7. Public acknowledgment

Public recognition can help establish a pleasant and engaging workplace culture and inspire the entire team. Here're a few examples.

Expressing appreciation during a company meeting, for example, through a standing ovation

Sharing employees’ accomplishments or milestones on the company’s social media platforms

A recurring ceremony for announcing the employee of the month

8. Private Employee Recognition

Some may not enjoy the spotlight, so recognizing their excellence needs to be low-key and more personal. Here're some examples.

A handwritten thank you note or card

A heartfelt thank you and acknowledgment email

A token of appreciation, such as a gift card, or tickets to a show or sports event

9. Customized rewards

There is a wide range of options based on the individual and the budget. This is where creativity can go a long way.

From a skydiving experience to a dancing class to an art workshop, there are endless possibilities.

Using the right software can help you reward employees with a gesture aligning with their interests.