Employees Want to be Recognized for Their Work

No one wants to deliver a big presentation and then hear...crickets. There are lots of ways to recognize your employees that don't require a huge investment.

Before you start: ask your employees how they like to be praised! Some people want everyone to know they're great, and some would rather die than be praised in a meeting.

1. Create a Dedicated Channel for Shout-Outs

Whether you use Slack, Teams, or an Intranet, create a unique place people can post praise.

Create a culture where colleagues and employers will recognize good work in this channel so your employees can literally see the validation.

2. Tweet About It!

Your social media channels can serve multiple purposes--and one can be publically praising great work.

This has three benefits: your employee feels valued, your network can celebrate even more of your company's accomplishments, and potential job candidates will see your positive culture.

3. Have Regular Thank You Huddles

Sometimes a "thank you" can get lost at the end of a meeting, or cut short because everyone wants to get to lunch.

Setting aside time where the only agenda item is acknowledgement and appreciation means no one gets distracted or misses the moment.

It's a quick, positive moment where your team can feel appreciated--and not extend an already long meeting.

4. Pass the Trophy Around

Get a trophy for your team that rotates among your employees! When someone does something great, the trophy gets passed along to them for a bit.

You can create a fun ceremony if you'd like, or a positive team competition for who gets the trophy next.

5. Set up a Rewards Account

Don't have time but do have a budget? There are tons of great companies that will handle recognition for you.

Whether it's peers giving each other points they can eventually cash out or fully customizable gifts, let the experts do the heavy lifting for you.