What is SSR’s research process?

Our goal is to save you the first 15-20 hours of research when buying new business software.

In order to get all the information you need, we start by asking experts and practitioners about their favorite solutions, common pitfalls when buying a given type of software, what questions to ask vendors, and generally speaking what advice people need to know. We also ask the vendors themselves for advice they have for buyers and how their product stacks up.

We spend the time doing this research so that you don’t have to. We’re software nerds and think our analysis is going to be as good as anyone else’s.

We then synthesize this data into easily digestible market landscapes, ROI calculators, videos, and more.

Why is SSR Free?

We’re able to offer our content and advice for free to users because vendors pay us for opportunities to drive leads to their business.

Does this mean your content is biased?

No. Out of the hundreds of vendors in a given industry, we only select the very best to highlight on our site, and we do this before we know which ones are willing to pay us. Some of these companies do end up paying us for leads or traffic, but more than 90% of the companies featured on our site do not pay us.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Most businesses are owned by shareholders that demand the highest possible profit. While we are definitely capitalists, we are very happy with revenues that are much smaller than our competitors if it means we keep our integrity.

So, how do you make money specifically?

We make money when you click on a vendor on our site, and that vendor is willing to pay us for that click (you may have heard of cost/click advertising before). Vendors want to engage with people interested in their software, and are thus willing to pay for this traffic.