Yotpo Expert Review, Pricing, Alternatives - 2022

Huda Idris
Technical writer, HR software advisor, and marketing strategist
May 16, 2022
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Yotpo Versus the competition

Yotpo is a comprehensive customer loyalty solution with a focus on marketing automation. Through it, you can create almost all types of loyalty programs and monitor them from a single interface.


Yotpo Review

Yotpo is a cloud-based eCommerce marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. The solution enables users to build customized rewards, tiers, and referral programs to keep existing customers engaged and attract new ones. 

Yotpo's AI-powered tools and marketing automation engine allows businesses to encourage user-generated content - such as reviews, ratings, and Q&A - and turn it into sales. The performance of your programs can easily be tracked via Yotpo's detailed analytics dashboard. The dashboard also provides you with useful data on your customers' purchasing patterns and behavior that can be leveraged to personalize future offerings.

Yotpo integrates with most eCommerce platforms. It also offers integration options with business management solutions, social media channels, and rating systems so you can monitor the search engine optimization (SEO) rankings of your sites and user-generated content on social media channels.

Who shouldn't buy Yotpo

Yotpo Customers

GoPro, Steve Madden, MVMT, Pura Vida, Brooklinen, GymShark, Chubbies, Moroccanoil

Yotpo Stats

  • GoPro collected over 8000 reviews within their first year of using Yotpo
  • Greats saw a 40% increase in their engagement rate of site visitors with on-site user-generated content (UGC)
  • UNTUCKit saw a 20% increase in the conversion rate of shoppers who engage with on-site customer photos

Yotpo Key Features

Yotpo Key Integrations

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo offers a free plan with a monthly limit of 50 orders. For more features and unlimited orders, Yotpo offers a Premium plan that's priced based on the scale and scope of your operation.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Yotpo Implementation

Yotpo Customer Success

About Yotpo

Yotpo Alternatives

With LoyalZoo, you can easily register customers for your loyalty program through your POS system just by entering their phone number or email. Points are then sent to customers via text or email, without needing to have them download a mobile app.
Zinrelo offers more than just tech. You can rely on their in-house data science team and machine learning algorithms to analyze the purchasing history of your customers, segment them into clusters, and automatically set up rewards that appeal to each group.
Smile.io stands out for its ease of use, friendly UI, and scalability. It is easy to set up and covers most loyalty program types an eCommerce business of any size would need.
Fivestars has a simple and quick sign-up and check-in process. Customers can easily sign-up in-store or via the Fivestars app with their phone number.
If you’re a small business that’s new to the loyalty program game, Loopy Loyalty is the software solution for you. It is an affordable solution that packs all the features you need to get started with a standard punch card-based loyalty system.
Annex Cloud because is quite comprehensive; you can create all sorts of loyalty programs through it to incentivize and reward customers.
LoyaltyLion stands out for how well it accommodates growing businesses. Its pricing is based on the average number of monthly orders a business gets, and the platform scales accordingly as that number increases.
Kangaroo is easy to use and effective in helping you bring customers back. Brick and mortar businesses in particular can significantly benefit from its geo-location feature that helps attract customers in the area with relevant custom offers.
Belly is a popular pick for restaurateurs and small business owners looking to implement a point-based loyalty program. Customers enjoy using Belly too because of its easy and quick signup and check-in process.
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