Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
June 28, 2021

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All solutions within the Fuel50 platform are aimed at bettering talent experience, which directly translates to higher retention rates and better performance.

What's Inside

Fuel50 Review

Fuel50 is a talent experience platform powered by AI. The platform matches your people to new opportunities, vacancies, gigs, and learning based on their talents whilst giving your organization powerful insights. A core part of Fuel50’s platform is FuelPathing, a solution that kick-starts an employee’s career growth journey and supports your succession planning efforts. FuelPathing has an AI-based matchmaking process that adapts and evolves with each individual. Roles and opportunities are suggested based on the user’s inputs, e.g. values, motivators, aspirations, skills, and talents.

Fuel50 Customers

Mastercard, Indeed, eBay, Roche, Microsoft, DHL

Fuel50 Stats

  • 50% reduction in employee attrition
  • 3-30% increase in employee engagement

Fuel50 Resources

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Key Fuel50 Features

  • AI career pathing
  • Gap analysis
  • Mentor assigning
  • Mentorship program creation
  • 360° feedback
  • Career goals setting and tracking
  • Analytics

Fuel50 Implementation

Fuel50 Customer Success

Fuel50 has a team of experts that support customers as they get started with the platform and throughout their product use if they require any assistance or encounter any technical issues.

Fuel50 Key Integrations

Fuel50 integrates with most ATS and LMS platforms.

What to be aware of

Fuel50 Pricing

Fuel50’s pricing isn’t disclosed upfront. Contact their sales team to get a custom quote.

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Fuel50 Alternatives

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