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Jawad Khan
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August 16, 2022

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Social Schedules Versus the Competition

Social Schedules allows users to schedule faster and smarter, communicate more efficiently, improve accountability.

If you're ready to get a Social Schedules demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

  • Addition of up to ten members on the free plan. 
  • Get free cloud storage for up to 28 days. 
  • Check employee availability before assigning them shifts. 
  • In-app messaging feature to communicate with all employees.
  • Profile cannot be edited once it has been connected. 
  • A glitch causes problems while trying to disconnect employees.
  • The desktop view doesn’t show the entire schedule.

Social Schedules Review

Social Schedule’s simple interface makes it easy to use for business owners, managers, as well as employees. The app offers all scheduling basics in one neat package. It’s a must-have for small teams so they can manage shifts without any communication lapses. With a built-in messenger feature, it’s easy to maintain team communication to maintain a smooth workflow.

Who shouldn't buy Social Schedules

Social Schedules Customers

Social Schedules:

Social Schedules Stats

Social Schedules Key Features

  • PTO: Management of time-off requests.
  • In-app Messaging: Communicate with team members effectively within the same platform. 
  • Scheduler: Easy-to-use scheduling management.

Social Schedules Key Integrations

Social Schedules Pricing

Social Schedules offers the following subscription plans.

  • Basic (Free) - Up to 10 workers + In-app messaging and employee availability management. 
  • Starter ($12.99/month) - Unlimited workers + Basic features + multiple locations and labor budgeting.  
  • Premium ($33.99/month) - Unlimited workers + Starter features + Payroll integration and advanced reporting. 
  • Enterprise (Contact for Pricing) - Unlimited workers, locations, and departments + Premium features + Full customization
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Social Schedules is Best For

  • Allows POS integration for bulk worker import. 
  • Has an additional feature of employee contract tracing. 
  • Employees and managers can both check unscheduled shifts. 
  • Enforces compliance by max penalty days.
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Social Schedules Implementation

Social Schedules Customer Success

About Social Schedules

As a next step you can visit the Social Schedules website or read our research on the .

As a next step you can visit the Social Schedules website or read our research on the .

Social Schedules Alternatives

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OpenSimSim is one of the most robust free options for employee scheduling. The software offers some really impressive features that make it a must-have. The free version contains all the core scheduling features a manager needs to effectively manage employee schedules. You can easily manage shifts, inform employees about any changes in timings, and keep in touch with them.
Connecteam’s extensive library of schedule templates makes it easy to create task lists and schedules without creating something from scratch. Moreover, with read receipts, it gives managers the chance to avoid miscommunication by ensuring all team members have gotten the update. Finally, it eliminates the need to have multiple apps for work management by extensive functionality in one single software.
The app allows managers to individually check staff rotas. In addition, there are records for everything from schedule change requests to time-off requests. The app's interface is highly interactive and easy to use. It can even be synced to your phone calendar to give you easier access to your shifts.
Wrike’s ease of use makes it one of the top employee scheduling and project management tools. It allows you to handle complex work automation and enables teams to collaborate transparently to ensure smooth project execution.
Homebase’s free version allows the management of an infinite number of employees, making it super easy to manage all your employees in a single location. In addition, the app makes requesting time-off incredibly easy with its one-click leave request system. With its easy-to-use interface, managers can set schedules in a blink and let employees engage in shift trades to ensure perfect harmony.
Tickspot provides an easy way to track everything important in one place. The app offers excellent time management features. In addition, the reporting tools and the option to add integrations make it a truly powerful software that is great for scheduling tasks and managing employees.
7Shifts combines an array of functionalities such as their innovative AI-powered auto-scheduler, in-app messaging, applicant tracking, and time tracking all in one restaurant tech platform. This is not the case with the majority of systems in this category.
The app is incredibly easy to learn and simplifies employee schedule management. You can use premade schedule templates to easily manage shifts across multiple locations with as many employees as you want. Employees can also request time off easily and get shift alarms before their shifts are scheduled to start.
Even though the free version of Timify is only available on the browser, the app is great for managing appointments and resources. The online calendar ensures complete transparency in the work process. This gives everyone a view of active projects/tasks and the relevant resources working on them. The free version of the app allows unlimited bookings. It also has the option to share product/service updates with everyone inside and outside the organization through the integrated messaging feature.


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