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Pingboard Versus the Competition

Pingboard is an employee networking software that provides employees access to your company's people directory, individual profiles, and org chart so they can have better visibility into your organization.

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  • Pingboard’s employee directory is a very handy tool to discover individuals within the org based on their name, department, location, skills, interests, and more. It is especially useful in fostering connections in remote teams.
  • Pingboard’s simple and intuitive org chart provides a bird-eye view of the entire organization, making it easy to discover who’s in charge of what, who reports to whom, and the different departments and how they interact with each other.
  • Pingboard’s employee profiles make it easy to know basic information about a coworker before getting in touch with them. Users believe that the tool is like a social networking site for the workplace.


  • Since Pingboard charges per employee once you cross the 100-employee threshold, it can get quite expensive for large-scale businesses and enterprises. 
  •  Users find the process of changing/updating their status cumbersome as it cannot be done directly from their profile. For instance, if you want to set your status to “out of office”, you have to go through the Out of Office section of the application.
  • While events/out of office updated on Pingboard automatically shows up on Google Calendar, the reverse isn’t possible. 
  • According to users, the mobile experience of the application is quite underwhelming.
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Pingboard Review

Pingboard is a  tool designed to boost transparency and visibility within your organization by providing employees access to the information they need to see the big picture. It also provides them with fun and engaging points of connection to strengthen their professional relationships. 

Employees can customize their own profile to include information such as email ID, interests, desk location, how to pronounce their name, etc. We like Pingboard's people directory feature - a place where you can find employees based on a range of parameters like name, location, division, workgroups, skills, and more.  And when you find the person you're looking for, you see not only the information they choose to share but also data like which team they belong to, their reporting chain, applause from peers, and any upcoming milestones. 

Since the tool integrates with your existing HR and IT systems, you don't have to create an employee directory or an org chart manually - Pingboard automatically does it for you. 

Oganizational chart integraton on Pingboard

Pingboard's org chart is another great feature that looks simple but is highly effective. HR teams can use the org chart to see how everyone's connected, track structural and reporting changes, and plan for future hires. Users can also add collaborators to the org planning chart to comment on changes and make edits.

The calendar feature provides automatic reminders about birthdays and work anniversaries so you can reach out to your peer and celebrate one another.

Pingboard's Applause feature makes it easy to appreciate your peers and help them feel part of a community. All you have to do is write a quick note to a coworker, congratulating them for a job well done, and tag them. Your applause will be featured organization-wide for the entire company to see. If you integrate Pingboard with Slack, then it notifies the rest of the team on there too.

Pingboard integration into Slack

Overall, Pingboard is a good tool for companies that want to enforce a positive work culture and facilitate better employee relationships.

Who shouldn't buy Pingboard

If you’re a large enterprise, then Pingboard isn’t necessarily the right choice for you as it can get quite expensive with every new employee.

Pingboard Customers

Pingboard is used by over 750,000 employees at organizations like Duolingo, The Linux Foundation, The Motley Fool, Carta, Cloudflare, and Meetup

Pingboard: Employee networking and org chart tool
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Pingboard Key Features

  • Employee Directory: This feature allows you to create your own employee profile and search for people within your organization by name, department, interest, and more.
  • Org Chart: Integrated with your existing HR and IT systems, this feature allows you to visualize your current organization structure and plan for the future.
  • 1:1 Meetings: This is an add-on feature that allows managers to conduct effective 1:1 meetings and foster better relationships with their employees. 
  • Who’s Who Quiz: This is a flashcard game that helps you get to know your peers better.
  • Peer Recognition: Using this feature, you can applaud a colleague for a job well done.

Pingboard Key Integrations

Pingboard integrates with Google Workplace, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Namely, ADP, Bamboo HR, Okta, OneLogin, and other identity systems, so all your employees' profiles are up-to-date and stored in one location.

Pingboard Pricing

Pingboard offers two different pricing plans. When paid annually, here's what they look like:

  • Team: At $99/month, this plan supports up to 50 users. Users can access most of the platform's features, including the people directory, profiles, org charts, peer recognition, and calendar. 
  • Company: If you want to get Pingboard for your entire organization, this is the plan for you. It's priced at $199/month for up to 100 users. Thereafter, for every additional user you add, you have to pay $1. This plan offers all the features available in the Team plan, plus the option to invite your whole company, advanced syncing, and API. 

For an additional $49 per month billed annually, you can add the Develop Add-On to any existing Pingboard plan. This feature helps managers facilitate 1:1 meetings that focus more on employee growth.

Pingboard is Best For

While businesses of all sizes can use Pingboard, we believe that it is best-suited for small to medium sized organizations. It is also beneficial for remote businesses that want to boost transparency and visibility within the company.

How has Pingboard Changed Over Time?

Pingboard Implementation

Getting started with Pingboard is quite simple. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial on their website and start setting up your organization. Thereafter, you can choose either their Team or Company plan, depending on the number of users.

Pingboard Customer Success

Pingboard has a 24/7 dedicated help centre where users can learn how to get started with the tool, create profiles, design org charts, and more. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can reach out to their customer support team via the form available on their website, and one of their executives will get back to you between Monday to Friday from 8 AM - 6 PM Central Time.

About Pingboard

Rob Eanes built Pingboard with the intention of creating a tool that provides employees with all the information and context they need to perform their duties effectively. Today, the company is run by Laith Dahiyat, the ex-CSO of Chargify and ex-GM of

Company HQ

Austin, Texas, United States

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

Pingboard has raised $6.8M in funding over two rounds. Their latest was a seed round in May 2018.


Does Pingboard offer discounts to nonprofits?

Yes, Pingboard offers 20% to all nonprofits and 100% to US-based nonprofits that work toward justice and equality for underrepresented groups.

Can I control who has access to Pingboard in my company?

Yes, you can customize permissions as a user, pro user, or admin on the Team and Company plans

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