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Lucidchart Versus the Competition

Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming software with an easy-to-use editor and an entire range of collaborative features to allow for effective visual communication. Using an extensive library of templates, users can visualize their organization chart, processes, systems, and more in a clear and uncomplicated manner.

If you're ready to get a Lucidchart demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

Ease of Use
Best For
Key Differentiator
Free Trial
  • Lucidchart offers 1000+ templates for a wide variety of use cases. We're almost certain that you'll be able to find a template that works for your business needs
  • Lucidchart offers a wide choice of integrations, making it that much easier to import information from external sources
  • The option to collaborate in real-time and make changes on the fly is what draws most users to this tool
  •  Lucidchart does not currently have a desktop application. To make up for it, Lucidchart allows users to view, edit documents, and save changes in offline mode
  • Loading and visualizing larger diagrams often slows the system down
  • ‍Because there are so many elements, templates, and shapes, it's easy to get lost. This makes finding the right tools a little bit of a struggle.

Lucidchart Review

Lucidchart is a diagramming application that allows you to build flowcharts, process maps, network diagrams, mind maps, wireframes, and more for various use cases. If you're looking for a tool that allows you to simply and effectively visualize text-heavy documents or spreadsheets, then Lucidchart is worth checking out.

Using their 1000+ templates and hundreds of drag-and-drop elements, you can easily visualize your team's processes, systems, and org structure. And because it's a cloud-based platform, the software is compatible with all devices, browsers, and operating systems. However, one downside is that they do not currently offer a desktop application unlike other org chart software like Sift. To make up for it, Lucidchart allows users to view and edit documents in offline mode. On coming back online, the software automatically syncs all changes. 

Lucidchart enables visual collaboration between team members irrespective of their geographical location. They can work on multiple documents simultaneously, together, and in real-time. They also have an in-editor chat feature to help you discuss changes and collaborate effectively.

Member collaboration template in Lucidchart

Lucidchart can be used by different teams for different use cases. For instance, your sales team can integrate the tool with Salesforce and align their processes to nurture leads better and close deals quicker. Similarly, your HR team can use the software to create an org chart, track personnel changes within the company, and make strategic people decisions. 

Once you've created your diagram or chart, you can export it to multiple formats such as JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG, and Visio 2010 (VDX). Lucidchart also offers the option of exporting your shape data into a CSV file.

Who shouldn't buy Lucidchart

If you're in the Healthcare, Education, or Legal field, you won't get the most out of this tool as the diagrams and templates are geared more toward the IT and Services industry.

Lucidchart Customers

Google, Amazon, Asana, NBC, Zapier, HP, and General Electric

Lucidchart: An intelligent diagramming and visual collaboration software

Lucidchart Key Features

  • Templates: Lucidchart offers over 1000+ pre-made and custom templates that allow you to visualize a range of diagrams, charts, processes, flows, and more.
  • Org chart: Lucidchart allows you to create dynamic org charts, identify employees across teams and locations, and optimize your org structure. Users can also import their HR data into the system, allowing them to visualize factors like employee pay and performance and make informed people decisions based on the data. 

Organizational chart creation platform

  • Security: Lucidchart is PCI, Privacy Shield, and SOC2 Type II compliant. They are also powered by AWS, one of the world's leading cloud computing platforms. Enterprise customers have access to additional security features like IP restrictions, document sharing restrictions, and Key Management Service to control their own encryption keys.

Lucidchart Key Integrations

Lucidchart offers native integrations with a range of industry-leading applications, including G-suite, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, Salesforce, Slack, AWS, Azure, GCP, Zapier, BambooHR to import HR data, and Quip. They also have partner-built integrations with Asana, LeanIX, AuditBoard, Vidstep, UVExplorer, Zoho Connect, Nuclino, and Dropbox Paper.

Further, you can also import your data to Lucidchart from Visio,, OmniGraffle, Gliffy, and Quickbase. This feature is not available for users with a free account.

Lucidchart Pricing

Lucidchart offers four different pricing plans. Here's what they look like.

  • Free: While users can use the free account forever, there are a few limits and restrictions. The free plan offers only 3 editable documents, 100 templates, and basic collaboration and integration features. This plan does not include access to the automation feature, which means you can't auto-generate a chart using existing imported data.
  • Individual: At $9.95 per month or $95.40 annually, the individual account comes with unlimited editable documents, 1000+ templates, collaboration and integration features, and basic automations.
  • Team: Team accounts are priced at $11 per month per person or $108 per person annually for a minimum of 3 people. As the number of people increases, the per-person rate becomes lesser. This plan has all the features present in the individual account plus some more advanced collaboration and integration features and admin controls. If you're working with a remote team and need to collaborate on different projects and diagrams in real-time, then opting for this plan is a good idea.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan includes everything in the Team plan and more advanced features for admin controls and automations. To know the custom pricing quote, you can contact Lucidchart's team.
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Lucidchart is Best For

The most common users of Lucidchart are mid-sized companies (51-1,000 employees) in the IT and Services industry. However, given that 99% of Fortune 500 companies are also Lucidchart users, it can be used by companies of all sizes.

From engineering to IT, Sales, Operations, and Product Development Teams, Lucidchart can be used by different departments within the same organization. That being said, the tool is ideal for remote teams who wish to visually collaborate in real-time on a regular basis.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

How Has Lucidchart Changed Over Time?

Lucidchart Implementation

Getting started with Lucidchart is fairly simple and quick, setting a positive tone for the user experience. You can sign up by either providing an email address or using a Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft 365 account.

If you choose the free plan, you can immediately start a new document, select one of the available templates or start creating a diagram from scratch using the blank canvas option.

Lucidchart Customer Success

Lucidchart has a dedicated learning campus with an extensive library of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the basics of the tool. Their education center helps you stay updated with the newest features and latest updates. They have an online training lab that consists of self-based training courses to discover pro tips, learn best practices, and understand the different functionalities of the software and how you can make it work for your unique requirements.

Lucidchart also has a dedicated help center to help you troubleshoot on your own or contact a support agent. Alternatively, you can also reach out to their community of Lucidchart users, ask product-related questions, and share your use case.

About Lucidchart

In 2008, Ben Dilts, with the help of Karl Sun, created Lucidchart because he was running into some major issues using Visio -  Microsoft's diagramming and vector graphics application. Today, over a decade later, not only is he Lucid's CTO and Co-founder, but he also oversees their product development.

Karl Sun is currently one of the board members of Lucid. Before helping launch the official version of Lucidchart in 2010, he spent several years as an executive at Google, leading investments in advanced wind and battery technologies.

In 2011, Lucidchart raised $1 million in funding with 10 employees to its name. By 2015, the company had hit the milestone of 100 employees, raised $5 million in funding,  and launched on the Google App Store, Marketplace, and Chrome Web Store.

Over the last five years, Lucidchart has grown leaps and bounds. They collectively raised roughly $160 million in funding over different rounds, hit 10 million users, and opened offices in Utah, Amsterdam, and Melbourne. In 2018, the company received the national "Great Place to Work" certification.

As a next step you can visit the Lucidchart website or read our research on the Top Organizational Chart Software.

As a next step you can visit the Lucidchart website or read our research on the Top Organizational Chart Software.

Lucidchart Alternatives

Org chart software with numerous integrations


Company HQ
South Jordan, Utah
Number of Employees
Lucidchart has 400+ employees
Year Founded
Amount Raised
Lucidchart has raised $1M in funding over one seed round on Jul 27, 2011.
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