LumaApps Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

LumaApps is a feature-rich and beautifully-designed social intranet for large businesses that integrates seamlessly with products like Google Workplace, Office 365, and Sharepoint.

What's Inside

LumApps Review

A social intranet meets employee social advocacy and collaboration software in LumaApps’ product, tailored specifically for large enterprises. While these guys are very clear about being more oriented towards top-down communication, they also aim to enhance peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration. 

Also, their UX is quite intuitive, easily-configurable, modern-looking, and built to adopt your branding. Nevertheless, organizations looking for something more balanced or bottom-up might find it a bit rigid. LumaApps also has an interesting set of features for executive communication, such as ghostwriting and a workflow for managers to approve content created by their team members.

LumApps Customers

Randstad, Motorola, Verizon Media, National Geographic, Electronic Arts Inc.

LumApps Stats

  • 99% all-time customer renewal rate
  • Over 4 million users worldwide
  • More than half of their staff is engineering or product.
  • LumaApps currently has more than 250 employees spread across 8 offices in various corners of the world.

LumApps Resources

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Key LumApps Features

  • Platform styles designer: this lets you create a branded interface theme that can then be applied to all widgets. 
  • Multilingual capabilities: you’ll get to create versions of the same content in several languages. 
  • Employee feedback: you can gather this in the form of likes, comments, and surveys.

LumApps Implementation

This company is not very transparent about its implementation processes, but some reviewers online have mentioned the presence of an external implementation consulting firm getting involved.

LumApps Customer Success

A Customer Success package is available as an add-on for most of LumaApps’ plans. However, the inner workings or characteristics of the package are not publicly available.

LumApps Key Integrations

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Slack
  • Okta
  • Greenhouse
  • Zendesk
  • & many more!

What to be aware of

LumaApps also offers an employee advocacy solution that helps users become powerful brand ambassadors.

LumApps Pricing

There are four main plans for LumaApps: Business, Professional, Enterprise, and even a mobile one for Frontliners. Aside from the mobile one, each of them is more feature-rich than the next one, but the pricing is not disclosed upfront.

LumApps Alternatives

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AI-powered intranet


Easy to use and intuitive platform


Employee social advocacy & collaboration tool


Robust solution for large companies


Offers a free plan


Robust, affordable, and scalable platform


Friendly user interface


Designed for frontline workers


Designed for remote teams


Customizable platform