Blink Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

Blink is one of the best intranets specifically-designed for frontline workers, yet it has most of the features you’d expect from any modern digital workplace.

What's Inside

Blink Review

Among the various aspects that make Blink an interesting product, one that stands out is their design philosophy. Through their interactive intranet, they try to give frontline workers access to tools that are usually restricted for them in some way. They try to give them certain autonomy over processes like near-miss reports, leave requests, and shift swaps. 

They claim that this results in a more engaged and efficient workforce. Naturally, their mobile app is also a great platform for purposes such as organizational communication, employee retention, and a pillar of the employee experience at large. 

The Blink intranet also gives their clients the possibility of creating micro-apps for custom workflows such as absence management, employee feedback, and even a cafeteria menu.

Blink Customers

Metroline, Calder Stewart, HM Government, Stagecoach, Paga, NHS Scotland

Blink Stats

  • 330% average increase in employee engagement among their clients 
  • 26% reduction in employee turnover
  • £3.2m saved in turnover costs 
  • On average, 99% of the employees that have an account with Blink use it every day.

Blink Resources

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Key Blink Features

  • Search capabilities: these apply to documents, emails, messages, and pretty much anything that’s stored within the intranet. 
  • Themes and customization: these let you tailor Blink into a tool that truly feels aligned with your company’s brand identity.

Blink Implementation

If you’re comfortable with the Business Plan, getting started with Blink is as easy as signing up for their 14-day free trial. After that, you need only input your billing information and keep going. If at any point you need to switch to the Enterprise Plan or have additional requirements, they’ll set up a consultation with an expert.

Blink Customer Success

  • 12/7 Priority support for the Business Plan
  • 24/7 Premium support for the Enterprise Plan
  • Knowledge Base, Help Center
  • Regular publication of resources and intelligence on the topic of frontline workers

Blink Key Integrations

  • +1000 Zapier Integrations
  • Google, Office 365, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, & Todoist
  • Form integrations with Survey Monkey, TypeForm, and Google Forms 
  • API for everything else

What to be aware of

One of the things we like about Blink is their flexible and transparent pricing. If a user leaves in the middle of the month, for instance, you only pay for the percentage of time that they were active on the platform.

Blink Pricing

Blink’s basic plan for business starts at $6.18 USD per month, but you can save up to 45% by paying annually. They also have a 100-day money-back guarantee in case you decide the platform doesn’t work for you and stop using it within that period. Lastly, they also offer enterprise pricing for large organizations. That price is quoted upon request of a demo.

Blink Alternatives

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