Abacus Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 18, 2021

Abacus uses AI to understand your company's spending behavior to streamline expense management processes.

What's Inside

Abacus Review

1,000 companies use Abacus to manage expenses including GLG and classpass. Abacus's system will programmatically identify expenses that need a human to take a closer look (over spending, not on policy, unusually high spend, etc) - saving your team time.

Abacus Customers

GLG, Boxed, Pinterest, Classpass, Ohio Virtual Academy, Nass, Coinbase, Betterment.

Abacus Stats

More than 1,000 customers use Abacus.

Abacus Resources

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Key Abacus Features

  • Emburse Card issuing
  • Direct deposit reimbursements
  • Automated expense policy controls
  • Corporate card reconciliation dashboard
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Mileage tracking
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Cash back rewards
  • Programmable approval routing
  • Accrual accounting sync
  • Commercial card integration 
  • branded portal and notifications

Abacus Implementation

Abacus is cloud-based which makes it easy to implement. If you’re interested in their Starter plan, you can sign up to create an account directly on Abacus’s website without needing to go through their sales team. Since Abacus’s Professional and Enterprise plans have custom pricing, you have to get in touch with a sales representative to purchase and use them. Implementation support options are available to customers on those plans.

Abacus Customer Success

Abacus has a help center with articles for customers to self-serve. Customers may also contact Abacus’s support team if further help is needed. Premium support options are available to Professional and Enterprise plan members.

Abacus Key Integrations

Abacus integrates with several accounting, ERP, productivity and HR solutions including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce, Global Payments, Slack, Lyft, Zenefits, Lever, and Rippling. Further integrations are also possible through Zapier and Abacus’s open API.

What to be aware of

Abacus Pricing

  • Starter: This plan costs $9 per active user per month (billed monthly) and is designed for small businesses that need to track expenses and reimburse employees. Note that a minimum of 2 users is required to be on this plan. 
  • Professional: This plan is designed for companies with high expense volumes and advanced workflows. The pricing of this plan is custom, billed annually, and calculated based on the size and scope of your business. Contact Abacus’s sales team for a price quote.
  • Enterprise: This plan is designed for companies with complex workflows and multiple subsidiaries. The pricing of this plan is custom, billed annually, and calculated based on the size and scope of your business. Contact Abacus’s sales team for a price quote.

Abacus Alternatives

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