NextWave Hire Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 5, 2021

NextWave puts the power employer branding in the hands of even the smallest HR teams to level the playing field for SMBs.

What's Inside

NextWave Hire Review

NextWave allows even the smallest HR teams to get a new career site, talent communities and employee testimonials up and running fast - with a strong focus on driving trackable ROI.  It’s simply the best tool to take your employer brand from zero to sixty and leverage all the best practices your marketing team uses to drive new revenues.

Make sure your marketing team isn’t going to get in the way of HR controlling the career site, or else it will take months instead of days to get this solution live.  Also be aware that the functionality is limited vs a more robust (and expensive) offering such as Avature if you’re looking for a CRM. **Please note, NextWave’s Ownership overlaps with SelectSoftware Reviews.

NextWave Hire Customers

Indigo, Guild, Toast, EverQuote, CarGurus, MeUndies

NextWave Hire Stats

NextWave Hire Resources

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Key NextWave Hire Features

  • Career site building (mobile optimized)
  • Career site designing (multiple landing pages)
  • Automated email campaigns 
  • Talent sourcing

NextWave Hire Implementation

Throughout your subscription, NextWave Hire’s team will handle all the design and technical updates of your career site. Their team of experts can help you design multiple landing pages for different events/needs.

NextWave Hire Customer Success

NextWave Hire Key Integrations

NextWave Hire can integrate with any applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows API access.

What to be aware of

NextWave Hire Pricing

NextWave Hire’s pricing is based on each customer’s needs and starts at $9,500 annually.

NextWave Hire Alternatives

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NextWave Hire

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