Best Employee Wellness Software – September 2020

Looking to partner up with a top corporate wellness program?

If you’re looking to reduce health care costs and improve employee engagement and productivity, then you should be thinking about investing in employee wellness software.

A top employee wellness platform will allow you to encourage employees to develop and maintain healthy habits while also creating a culture of employee health and well-being.

Below is our research into the space including the benefits, pitfalls, and ROI associated with employee wellness software, along with our research into the best vendors in the space. Good luck and let us know if we’re missing anything!

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Top Employee Wellness Technologies

Here are the best corporate wellness providers per our research into the space.

Over 1 million employee lives utilize this program which encompasses fitness challenges, health coaching, rewards, and digital reminders to improve nutrition and overall well being.

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Employees earn reward points they can redeem towards their insurance payments by competing in fitness challenges, eating right, generally taking better care for their health.  The ROI comes specifically from lower health claims, and they have a calculator on their website to show you how much you can save.

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Limeade meets employees where they are, on mobile, to encourage a culture of inclusion, wellbeing, and engagement.  Specifically, their application can facilitate well-being quizzes, sharing company news, and communications targeted towards specific populations within your workforce.  Their platform also allows your organization to execute a rewards and recognition program, steps challenges, mindfulness activities, and can even connect employees with mental health professionals.  If you're a large organization looking to improve the employee experience and  show employees you care, take a look at Limeade!

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Over 3,000 companies use Virgin Pulse to drive positive change in their workplace through a mobile first solution that encourages employees to take care of their nutrition, sleep, exercise, financial health and more.  Virgin Pulse teamed up with another leader in the wellness space Redbrick Health in 2018.

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Virgin Pulse

Wellable integrates with a host of fitness trackers and apps to allow your employees to engage in fitness competitions that foster a fun and healthy environment. These competitions can be customized to meet your team's goals.

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Best Practices

Here are some best practices to follow in order to avoid the common obstacles that HR teams often struggle with when trying to start a wellness program:

  • Secure sufficient funding: You should know how much your program will cost, including expenses from incentives, health screenings, and health coaching, and be sure to secure the budget you need before rolling out the program.
  • Administer a baseline survey: Before you decide to implement a wellness program, you should survey your employees to get a better sense of their levels of physical activity, nutrition habits, health risks, and interest in participating in a wellness program.
  • Focus on developing healthy habits: Many wellness solutions fail when only focus on improving employee health in the short term. The best way to gain from your program is to help your employees form healthy habits that will last throughout their lives.
  • Collect data and evaluate outcomes: In order to understand if your program is actually worth what you’re paying, you need to collect data on your employees to see if the program is having an effect on their health company-wide.
  • Communicate: If your employees don’t know about the program, they won’t be able to participate. Use including email, posters, signs, and social channels and other media to communicate about your program early and often. Be transparent about any data you are collecting and any changes to the company that the program will cause to make your employees feel more comfortable with participating.
  • Ensure accessibility: You have a diverse corporate population so make sure your program caters to their diverse needs. Try to offer a variety of options that will reach all of your employees regardless of their abilities or schedules.
  • Create a wellness team: A successful implementation of your program will be much easier if you have a wellness team to take responsibility for all aspects of your program. You should pull from all levels and departments when creating this team to make sure all employees feel their voice is heard. Having one team to take charge will help you stay organized and help you make sure that all responsibilities do not fall on your HR team.
  • Involve senior leadership: When senior leaders of your company set an example by actively embracing a healthy lifestyle and sharing their own health journeys, employees will be more encouraged to participate in the program themselves. Having support from upper-management will also make it easier for you to secure the budget you need.
  • Don’t limit your program to physical health: While improving physical health is an important driver for lowering healthcare costs, you should also try to consider financial, emotional, and mental health. All kinds of health contribute to an employee’s ability to perform so it’s important to keep the focus of your program broad.

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