Top 10 Customer Experience Management Solutions - September 2020

The best customer experience software along with features, benefits, recommendations, and more.

Customer experience is one of the biggest driving forces behind customer retention and loyalty. Measuring and improving customer experience, however, is difficult to achieve without the help of innovative tools that automate your processes and streamline the way you interact with and collect feedback from customers. This is where tools such as customer experience management solutions come to the rescue. 

Customer experience management solutions (commonly abbreviated as CEM, CXM, or CX) perform a range of functions besides helping you collect and analyze customer feedback. Businesses use CEM solutions to gain real-time, actionable insights into their customers’ likes and dislikes to improve customer experience, retention rate and ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

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Top 10 Customer Experience Management Solutions

There are different types of CEM solutions, each with different selling features and price points. To help you with your selection process, we’ve handpicked the best CEM solutions available for businesses of all sizes.

Formally known as IBM Tealeaf, Acoustic Experience Analytics is an AI-powered platform that allows businesses to analyze and get to the root cause of customer behavior to improve customer retention and conversion rates.

With advanced features such as Session Replay, Anomaly Detection, Struggle Analytics, Acoustic Experience Analytics helps you understand how customers interact with your sites or mobile apps and provides you with all the insights you need to create personalized marketing campaigns, guide your product and UX/UI design teams in prioritizing certain feature developments and updates as well as quickly diagnose and fix any problems that can cause negative user experiences such as technical glitches, design defects etc.

Acoustic’s platform also provides security features that’ll identify and alert you of any suspicious or potentially fraudulent online activities.

Visit Acoustic Experience Analytics’ website to learn more about their software’s offerings. You may also schedule a consultation with a product expert and request for a price quote.

Medallia is easily one of the leading CEM solutions available with over 1 million active users monthly. With its intuitive, cloud-based interface, Medallia allows you to collect customer feedback from multiple channels and analyze it in real-time to detect patterns, uncover sentiment, and predict behavior.

Medallia’s text analytics feature employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically analyze textual feedback and turn it into useful insights while its action intelligence allows you to automate high-impact tasks such as risk detection and suggestion mining so you can identify at-risk customers, understand the drivers behind their behavior, and implement effective strategies that lead to their retention.

One of Medallia’s standout features is its ability to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to link financial data with customer experiences and suggest improvements accordingly.

You can visit Medallia’s website to request a demo and get a price quote according to your needs and operation size.

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Owned by SAP, Qualtrics is a holistic CX platform that aims to enhance customer experience through data-driven actions. Its multi-channel support facilitates smooth customer engagement and allows you to perform closed-loop follow-ups. 

With its robust survey tool, Qualtrics XM allows you to effortlessly collect customer feedback. Once feedback is gathered, it is automatically analyzed by Qualtrics’ intelligent features, namely Text IQ, Stats IQ, and Predict IQ to uncover customer sentiment and make accurate predictions about customer behavior. Tailored insights and suggested actions are automatically generated, allowing your team to focus on deploying strategies that improve customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

Besides its customer experience management solution, the company also offers products that help businesses manage employee, product, and brand experience. All of Qualtrics’ solutions can integrate with several business solutions to synchronize data and reduce duplicate effort. Visit Qualtrics XM’s website to learn more about their solutions, request a demo and price quote.

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SAS is another popular online CEM solution that’s part of a comprehensive marketing suite. It lets digital marketers use data intelligence to drive conversion rates, improve customer experience, and foster loyalty. It offers multichannel support for data collection, contextualization, anonymous behavior capture, predictive analytics, and forecasting. It also allows users to create and maintain comprehensive customer profiles for seamless journey tracking and data-driven decision making. 

Its dynamic content placements and digital asset management capabilities allow you to engage customers more effectively and personalize their experiences.

Being a part of the Customer Intelligence suite, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 fully integrates with all of the solutions within the suite so you can plan and execute marketing initiatives down to the individual customer level - all within a unified environment.

You can contact the SAS sales team for a price quote, request a demo as well as a free trial.

If you are looking for a holistic customer support and experience management tool, Zendesk is the right one for you. Being a renowned player in the industry, Zendesk is a customizable, scalable, and user-friendly cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Besides allowing you to receive and handle customer support tickets from multiple channels, 

Zendesk offers a host of features for customer journey tracking, segmentation, feedback analytics, knowledge management, sentiment analysis, and more. Among Zendesk’s features are also integrated surveys to measure customer satisfaction and analytics dashboards to monitor your team’s performance and observe your service-level agreements (SLAs).

The ticketing portion, i.e. Zendesk Support, works hand in hand with other solutions within the Zendesk suite such as the knowledge base (Zendesk Guide), live chat (Zendesk Chat), and call center (Zendesk Talk). For more focus on customer experience, you can take advantage of Zendesk Sunshine, the company’s customizable CRM solution. Native to AWS, Zendesk Sunshine provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers by integrating with all of your business applications and collating your customer data, providing you with all the context you need to make informed business decisions.

Zendesk offers several plans that vary in price points and overall features. Visit Zendesk’s pricing page to find out which plan suits your business. You can sign up for a free trial or contact Zendesk’s team for a demo.

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Satmetrix is a software-as-a-service CEM solution that allows you to bring your customers to the center of your decision making and equips you with all the data you need to drive business performance.

Satmetrix facilitates customer engagement and feedback collection through its omnichannel support and customizable surveys. Once collected, structured and unstructured customer feedback is then run through the software’s text analytics feature which automatically highlights prevalent trends and patterns in customer sentiment and behavior, then recommends actions accordingly. Satmetrix also enables you to monitor comment volume and directly publish positive customer feedback on social media.

Satmetrix also makes your team’s workload easier by integrating with several business solutions so your data is always in sync and easily accessible. 

Visit Satmetrix’ website to learn more about their software’s offerings. You may also contact their sales team for a demo and price quote.

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Genesys offers customer experience and contact center solutions to mid-sized and large businesses. Its omnichannel support combined with its AI-powered analytics facilitate customer engagement, feedback collection, and insights extraction.

Genesys automates customer support with its AI-powered chatbot, voicebot, and speech-enabled IVR, enabling customers to self-serve and significantly decreasing your ticket volume. It also offers features that enhance your team’s performance including agent coaching, support gamification, workforce management, resource management, and quality assurance.

Among Genesys’ features are Customer Journey Management and Predictive Web Engagement that allow you to make data-driven decisions to drive satisfaction rate and improve customer experience. Genesys Cloud integrates with Salesforce and other CRM solutions to help you sync data seamlessly and add context to customer journeys.

You can contact Genesys’s sales team to get a price quote. Demos are also available upon request.

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a cloud-native customer experience tool with a content and digital asset management-centric approach. Being a part of a comprehensive digital marketing suite that is the Adobe Marketing Cloud, AEM provides features for content creation, digital asset management, and form building. 

Its AI-powered tools provide you with insights into the kind of content your customers like across all channels so you can continue delivering consistent and personalized experiences. Among the platform’s features are audience segmentation, customer profiles, identity control, location mapping, as well as data governance, ingestion, and more. 

AEM supports various operating systems and devices i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone/iPad. Additionally, AEM’s architecture is open and extensible, making it easy to integrate with various business solutions.

In terms of pricing, AEM has a flexible licensing model with a price point that is dependent on the components and features you need. You may contact Adobe’s sales team for a demo and quote.

Zoho Corp is one of the industry’s leading providers of ticketing, knowledge management, customer relationship management (CRM), and customer experience management (CEM) solutions.

Their CRM Plus solution is a unified customer engagement and experience platform that helps businesses provide their customers with exceptional experiences and convert them into brand advocates.

Through enhanced administration, multi-channel customer engagement, social media marketing, customizable NPS and CSAT surveys, detailed analytics, powerful AI, and intelligent chatbots,  Zoho CRM plus allows you to gain a better understanding your customers, segment them, detect anomalies in their behavior, create efficient workflows, develop retention strategies, forecast revenue, and more.

You can visit Zoho CRM Plus’s page for more information on their offerings as well as sign up for a free trial.

Clarabridge is a cloud-based CEM software that captures and transforms customer feedback into actionable insights, allowing businesses to plan and deploy performance-enhancing strategies driven by the voice of the customer. 

The platform offers omnichannel support so you can improve customer engagement, collect customer feedback from different channels (e.g. email, surveys, voice recordings, agent notes, chat, social media, and more) then funnel it into a centralized location. You can then use its built-in text analytics and natural language processing (NPL) to gain a better understanding of your customers’ likes and dislikes.

Among Clarabridge’s features are customizable surveys, data categorization, social media analytics sentiment analysis, emotion detection, and intent prediction. It also offers real-time alerts when data suggests anomalies in customer experience.

Contact Clarabridge’s team to get a price quote, request a demo or a free trial of their software.

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Final Advice

Choosing a CEM solution can be a difficult process as the market is saturated with many offerings, but we’re confident you’ll make a good selection if you: 

  • Identify the needs of your business and select the right type of CEM software accordingly;
  • Request a trial account to test the platform’s features first-hand and see if they cover all of your needs;
  • Schedule demo sessions with different vendors to get all of your questions answered.

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