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20 Must Read Articles for HR Tech Nerds from - 2023

Here are the best articles and blog posts we read last month!

Chris Hatler
HR tech researcher, writer and editor
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At SelectSoftware Reviews, we strive to stay up-to-date on the newest HR tech vendors, practices and news stories. Oftentimes, that information comes from practitioners in the trenches that share valuable insights through blog posts and articles across the web. 

Once again, we are shining the spotlight onto those thought leaders, content creators, and analysts that created our favorite October reads. With the HR tech landscape constantly shifting and changing, we rely on these People experts to keep us prepared for whatever is on the horizon. 

Workday’s writing team sums up Deloitte’s report on upcoming focus areas for HR teams for a succinct post on the Workday blog. 

For Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge publication, Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams discuss the four motivating drives of human beings and how to use them to engage employees during COVID.  

John Feldman outlined how being overly open in a job interview can actually hurt hiring chances in this informative piece for the Undercover Recruiter. 

Bobbie Sue Rogers encourages recruiters to be data-driven rather than simply push resumes in a post for SourceCon. 

If you think that recruitment is going to drastically change post-COVID, Greg Savage has some choice words for you on his blog. 

In a post for Duffel, Norberto Lopes provides great insights on how to manage people in a pandemic based on their individual situations

Andrew Savchyn offers a fresh perspective on overfitting in tech hiring in an insightful post on his blog. 

Put more emphasis on confident hiring than number of candidates, says Tim Sackett on a short but thoughtful post on Fistful of Talent

Tena Lyons makes the case for automating parts of the interview process in a highly agreeable article for Recruiting Daily. 

There’s more that goes into diversity & inclusion than simply hiring more minorities, explains Susana Rinderle for ERE. 

AI has become increasingly more involved in the hiring process. Cherie Curtis urges in a great post for Recruiter.com that companies must utilize AI’s power properly to ensure benefits rather than detriments. 

Jaime Potter writes in favor of using employees' values to foster organizational success in a thought-provoking piece for Forbes. 

The future of the office in a post-COVID world is a growing curiosity, and Philippa Wagner explores what it would look like in a great read on Future of Work Hub. 

For a comprehensive guide to headhunting, read Jason Goodwin’s post on Recruitee’s blog. 

SocialTalent’s blog has a great post about writing job descriptions for remote work.

The Wizard Sourcer aka Jonathan Kidder wrote up a guide to using mail merge from Microsoft Word or Excel as a secret recruiting tool. The guide will be useful for small businesses trying to save time from manually personalizing emails and money from paying for mass email solution services. 

In an article for TalentCulture, Renato Profico makes a strong case for shorter meetings in order to better work-life balance and increase productivity.

For HR Dive, Aman Kidwai leads a round-table of leaders from PwC, TIAA and Kaiser Permanente to talk about actions taken by their respective employee resource groups on disability inclusion.

Annie Lin of Lever talks about the changing prioritization of soft skills during the pandemic in a great article for ERE. 

Payroll managers will understand the difficulties that Bridget Miller brings up in her thorough post for HR Daily Advisor about paying similar employees different salaries. 

Until Next Time…

Who have you been reading? Find any good insights on the HR blogosphere? We want to hear about it! Leave us a note via our contact page

Chris Hatler
HR tech researcher, writer and editor
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Chris was the content marketing manager at SSR between 2020 and 2021 during which time he researched and published in-depth buyer guides to help HR professionals source and buy the best software solutions for their business. He's now a highly sought-after writer and editor based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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