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Whiteboard Wednesdays

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An Iterative Approach to Implementing HR Tech

Rolling out HR Tech in an iterative manner can lead to a lot more value than waiting for perfection.

An Important Metric For Evaluating HR Software

User engagement is an incredibly useful framework for understanding HR software vendors.

Is Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy a Leaky Bucket?

A DEI strategy that resembles a leaky bucket means failure.

How Technology is Changing Human Resources

Technology continues to push HR. Here's a look at the past evolution, and what's next.

The Cost Per Hire Nuance Your Recruiting Team Doesn't Appreciate

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday focuses on cost per hire vs marginal cost per hire.

Advice on the Optimal HR Career Path

Here's some advice on how to take advantage of new HR career paths and rise to the top.

HR Tech ROI Email Course

Are you an HR or TA leader looking to get better at understanding the ROI of new initiatives?

Video Interviews in the Age of Coronavirus

Here are practical tips on implementing video interview software to keep your hiring funnel...

The Power of Landing Pages for Recruiting

Here’s a quick case study on how to recruit using landing pages, specifically around a PR...

Convincing the Right Applicants to Apply: an Analytical Framework

We all know hiring the best people takes hard work - here’s how to think about the benefits...