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How to motivate employees -11 protips from Steve Jobs

How to motivate employees - 11 protips from Steve Jobs

Learn how to motivate employees using eleven tips from Steve Jobs

June 1, 2022
Web 3.0 and HR Tech

How Will Web 3.0 Impact the Future of HR Tech?

Technologies supported by Web 3.0 will also help HR manage the complexities of people management...

April 13, 2022
How employee benefits are changing...

Are Your Benefits Keeping up with Your Employees’ Priorities? 

It's imperative that HR teams take a step back and really evaluate the benefits they're offering...

February 23, 2022
Are Organizations Onboarding Employees the Wrong Way?

Are Organizations Onboarding Employees the Wrong Way? — How HR Tech Can Help

How Tech can Help you Onboard New Employees....

December 21, 2021
How to Be Great at Leveraging People Analytics?

How to Be Great at Leveraging People Analytics?

How can HR teams really leverage analytics in-house? Here are five questions to help you get started

December 9, 2021
How to Find ‘The One’ in HR Tech...

How to Find ‘The One’ in HR Tech

While there is no one-size-fits-all, there are a few criteria every HR leader must bear in mind...

November 24, 2021
What Do A Police Force And An HR Team Have In Common?

What Do a Police Force and an HR Team Have in Common?

The Peelian principles defining an ethical police force are also relevant in today's workforce...

November 18, 2021
Starting small with HR Tools

Starting Small with HR Tools

Here are some tips on how to make buying HR Tech easier...

September 29, 2021
HR needs to be prioritized at the earliest stages of...

HR Needs to Be Prioritized at the Earliest Stages of a Company

We discuss the importance of HR in the beginnings of an organization...

September 29, 2021
The perils of employee feedback...

The Perils of Employee Feedback

Here are some employee feedback drawbacks HR professionals should be aware of...

September 17, 2021